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Looking at the photo below, it is hard to believe that we are in a second lockdown but, let’s face it, with very few venues open and with many of us having the luxury of time on our hands, what better place to social distance while getting some exercise, but on Camber Sands.

The main car park last Sunday was comfortably full, but were the visitors locals or from ‘out of town’? Who knows, but what was evident was the sense of calm around the place compared to the crazy summer days we witnessed when it seemed every inch of available space was commandeered by visiting motorists.

There was no wind, the temperature was very mild, and the sun was trying hard to break cover from behind the clouds. There were plenty of people on the beach – families, dog walkers, couples, and joggers, but social distancing was easy and in amongst all of this  were a group of riders on their horses – cantering then galloping along the beach, stopping to rest between bursts of energy to cool their hooves and drink from the pools of water.

November lockdown at Camber Sands

The horses were obviously having a lovely time, venturing into the shallow sea, something they may not have experienced too often, their riders firmly in control, a lovely sight which many onlookers chose to watch and photograph.

A metal detectorist was carefully combing the beach, eager to find that little nugget. Meanwhile, back at the car park the two local cafes were both open, selling hot and cold drinks and snacks to take away, and further along the beach at Jurys Gap there was more activity.

With no wind, the usual kite surfers were not there, but paddle boarders had arrived to take their place, literally riding on the crest of the waves and having great fun, whilst others took the plunge and went for an autumnal ‘dip’ – very brave!

A roller-skater made good use of the promenade’s flat surface, weaving in and out between dog walkers accompanied by their canine companions, while cyclists and joggers did their thing, and the remainder just wanted to enjoy their freedom and a chance to get some fresh air and switch off from reality for a few hours.

Taking in the beauty of Camber Sands – on the hoof.

Camber was a different place, the visitors had a new agenda, and there was the feeling that a sense of new normality was beginning to build. With the sun beginning to set, the visitors soon thinned out as the temperature started to drop, the horse lorries were loaded up ready to head for home, and once again the stunning beaches, scenery, sunset and ever changing landscape reconfirmed why Camber Sands and Jurys Gap are such special places.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. When I saw these ponies on Camber Sands I was as surprised as anyone to see them drinking from pools of salt water, not something I had seen before as I had assumed animals in general didn’t like sea water but in the absence of anything else, the temptation was obviously too much. They say “strange things happen at sea”, and, on sand it seems. Nick Forman

  2. What a lovely article Nick and pictures too! Yes let’s not forget that walking along the beach, looking out to sea can be so calming and a great way to exercise and to help clear the mind too! We are so lucky compared to some!


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