The shady life of Ian Fleming

Poster for the Ian Fleming talk

This is the title of a talk to be given by retired Brigadier Hugh Willing at the Rye Community Centre on May 13. Drawing on information that has recently emerged about Ian Fleming’s espionage activities behind the Iron Curtain including Russia, some fascinating new insights will be revealed into the man behind James Bond.

The idea for the talk comes from Jane Willing who is a member of the Craft Club committee of the Rye Golf Club. With the help of her husband she is raising money for the Ukraine humanitarian appeal and devoting the proceeds from the event to that cause.

Founded in 1991, the Craft Club today has over 30,000 members worldwide. As the club’s website tells the story, it started “at the bar of Rye Golf Club when a few old chaps were telling stories, probably of dubious worth, and one story finished with the punch line of ‘Can’t remember a flipping thing’. Now the stories might have been naughty but the men weren’t, and from that moment they decided to use the punch line as a vehicle to raise money.” Since then the golf club and its affiliates have raised over £200,000 for charity, mostly through golf competition days at Rye but also through new membership, memorabilia and the occasional talk.

Venue: Rye Community Centre, Conduit Hill, Rye

Date and time: Friday, May 13 at 6pm

Tickets:  £20 including wine and canapes, available by email:

Image Credits: Jane Willing .


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