They’re wed and off to Devon

David Frost and Alison Frost emerge from St Mary's

Last week we reported that Rye’s rector was getting married the following Saturday and as few were allowed at the ceremony by government regulations here are the photos to prove it.

The couple set off for a honeymoon in north Devon after the ceremony- and they may or may not need to be back by next Monday as Canon Frost is supposed to be in a Zoom meeting of Rye Town Council on Monday evening.

David Frost and Alison Care leaving the church

Image Credits: Jane Orchard , Seana Lanigan .


  1. Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make our wedding day so special!

    We had a lovely honeymoon in Ilfracombe, on the North Devon coast, a place well known to me – the only problem being our car, which broke down the day before we were due to come home. The car had to be recovered and we came home via a taxi, four trains and two undergrounds

    It’s a holiday we will never forget!!


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