Time to speed up sloe entries

Blue-black sloe berries on bushes at East Guldeford

Rye News‘ sloe gin competition will be held on Thursday January 28 at 7:30pm at Olde Worlde Wines in Cinque Ports Street, with judging from 8pm.

Entries should be in a glass container containing at least 100ml of sloe gin for judging (but more if possible so we all can have a taste). The sloe gin entries should be labelled with the name of the person entering and whether it is a 2015 or vintage brew. Sloe gin makers can also leave their entries at Olde Worlde Wines in advance of the competition.

It must be homemade. No shop bought entries will be eligible for consideration for the competition, but could be sampled to compare with the homebrew. And, just a reminder, there are categories for 2015 brewed sloe gin and vintage sloe gin brewed earlier.

Contestants should have a good constitution for sampling all the brews that are entered. All entries will be blind tasted by the judges but afterwards everyone should be able to sample the entries to see which is their personal favourite.

Photo : Rye News library