Top treats at Harbour Health

Customers tempted to regain a youthful look with help from a small gadget.

Ready in my gym gear (no, not Lycra) I was determined to use the free fun day on Saturday November 5, at the Harbour Health Club, to test just how fit or unfit I was. When I arrived it was buzzing and the family that has been running the gym for the past two years, Ian, Mandy, Dean and Carl Turner had created a very friendly atmosphere

Paula opens the new Riverside Deli
Paula opens the new Riverside Deli

There were several stalls offering health ideas as well as an option to try a special gadget for painlessly smoothing faces. There was a table with information about yoga classes with lots of different times and places. To find out more, email

I went to the annex which has become the new Riverside Deli. While pouring me some prosecco, Paula O’Byne told me that this is her latest venture and it was her first day. She will serve healthy food, home made soup, tapas, Russian salad, stews, always using local produce. Non-members are very welcome. For this special day there was a hog roast on the deck. All pigs are reared by the Hog Roast Company on their farm.

Free Hog roast on the open day at Harbour Health Club
Free Hog roast on the open day at Harbour Health Club

Anyone interested in hiring them should visit the website.   There are two deck heights so in the summer customers can sit on the top deck and enjoy the view of the river with a coffee or lunch.

After catching up with friends from a few years ago, while sipping several glasses of bubbly, the exercise bikes did not look very inviting. I did go on the treadmill as there was a podiatrist who could look at walk and gait and give some advice if necessary. It was very useful. He can be found at the Active Sports Shop and Injury Clinic in Ashford.

If you would like to join the Harbour Health Club in Winchelsea Road or to find more information about classes visit their website.


Photos: Heidi Foster



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