Using his loaf

Richard Hutley aka the Lazy Baker

Crusty buns? Soft white bloomers? Tasty baps anyone? There is a new breadmaker in town. But he is rather slack. He gets up late and only works two days a week. He is the Lazy Baker and he bakes a selection of loaves at the weekend for people in the know

Mmm – eggy bread

Richard Hutley is in fact far from lazy. He has a full time job in the oil industry in the week, but at the weekend he changes into chef’s whites and apron and transforms into Breadman! The Lazy Baker is one of those Rye secrets, passed by word of mouth.

You may spot out of the corner of your eye a strange transaction at Olde Worlde Wines on a Friday night. Two people shake hands, a large brown paper bag is left discreetly on a nearby table, three pound coins are passed from hand to hand. A light wholemeal sourdough has changed ownership. Sssshh.

If you can’t make Richard’s distribution times at Olde Worlde Wines on Friday night, he is also open on Friday lunchtime and Saturday (late) mornings at the Big Blue Bread Bin at Rock Channel. Each Wednesday Richard posts on his website a list of the loaves he will be making at the weekend and people can place their orders accordingly. The selection always varies. It could include wholemeal or white sourdough, granary, spelt or the unique “Hutley”.

Richard always enjoyed cooking but a couple of years ago he was given a voucher for a course at the renowned Lighthouse Bakery at Bodiam. He was inspired to go further and started baking bread regularly. Soon he was making extra loaves for friends, and then others heard about it so he made a few extra loaves… and after two years he was expelled from his domestic kitchen and set up in new premises in Rock Channel in August this year.

Richard uses a rather special mother dough, a pre-fermentation starter used to create greater complexity in flavour.  His is 70 years old, from Georgia, USA and called Jolene as she is a feisty lady. The bread is delicious, fresh and very special. Check it out.













Photos: Seana Lanigan