Vinnie helps save lives

Volunteers practice resuscitation techniques

Rye News reported last month on the installation in Winchelsea of a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) by voluntary group Rother Responders, assisted by the Winchelsea Emergency Group. Rother Responders are the local “first responder” team, who are trained to deal with emergencies until an ambulance arrives. Such early treatment enormously increases a cardiac victim’s chances of survival. Rother Responder Mike Pepler saved a life only last week.

VinnyThe Responders have been installing a network of PADs in Rye and villages around the district so that local residents can provide an immediate first response to cardiac arrests. They came to Winchelsea this week to deliver follow-up training on the use of the PAD and resuscitation techniques. Sixteen residents were trained by Jon Padovani and team, using special dummies and getting hands-on experience of a PAD. They were also treated to an extended version of the TV feature about resuscitation starring Vinny Jones (pictured right).

It is hoped that Rother Responders will visit the Winchelsea Fete in August to reach even more residents. But as resident John Clarke commented: “Hopefully, we’ll never have to use any of this training or the PAD”.

The Winchelsea PAD has been installed in the courtyard at the back of the New Inn. There are PADs in Rye at the Heritage Centre, and the sports and tennis clubs. There are also PADs in Iden, Pett and Pett Level.

Photo: Richard Comotto