Waterworks turns on the beer taps

The front of the Waterworks

Welcome opening

Some of you will have seen all the activity going on inside and outside the Waterworks building in Cinque Ports Street. Those of you who are specialist-beer drinkers will be delighted to know that a micropub is in the process of opening, following two years of negotiation over planning permissions, architects and structural surveyors, including a full historical survey that can be found on the Rother planning website. Permission was refused for a microbrewery, but as there are a number of local brewers, this has not turned out to be an issue.
Clearing the space

At last it is all coming together and an amazing transformation is taking place. It is hoped to have eight of  the specialist locally brewed beers, and some from farther afield together with two red and two white wines and a prosecco but absolutely no lagers. The space that has opened up inside has surprised all of us working on the project, which has been masterminded by David Roder, who hopes to open on May 4 or very soon after that. Some of you will know David from behind the bar at the Great Escape at Rye Foreign or the Playden Oasts.
Historical features are emerging from the dust and debris, the remains of the soup kitchen (opened in 1907) especially and the fireplace used to heat the pans. Find out more when it opens from midday to 10:30pm seven days a week.

Photos Gillian Roder



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