What is happening here?

Very mysterious, three drivers discuss what?

Life does go on in different corners of our town under lockdown. On Tuesday evening, May 12, along the A259 at Strand Quay three of these large lorries were parked for about three hours. Three men are stood at the car park barrier discussing, I wonder, what? They were stationary on the road from about 4:30pm to 8pm.

Mystery as no holes yet

The lorries had Thames Water printed on their side. Nothing, as far as it was possible to ascertain, happened. Who knows more? What is the problem on Strand Quay and has it been solved? Should residents know about it?

Then Wednesday saw traffic lights round the corner from Strand Quay on Wish Street to regulate the two way road. The assumption is that work is to be carried out though no-one was there. Do the two events have a link?

[Editor’s Note : As I thought the local water company is Southern Water, perhaps the Thames drivers had just got lost. And it is a long way back to the Thames. No public notice has been published yet about road works in Wish Street, but it might appear on Friday morning as that is when they normally get published.]

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .



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