What’s in a name?

Lamb House, home to one of Rye's most famous former residents

An article I wrote recently generated a lot of comments and in amongst them were some interesting references to Rye’s old street names and how some local residents remembered them from years ago.

In last week’s Rye News, a quiz put together by Dennis Leeds-George made reference to Haddock Place in Cinque Ports Street, identified by a plaque inset into the wall, dated 1878 (See gallery below).

I imagine this is one of the many plaques in Rye which some may not have noticed and it made me wonder how many more plaques (or similar type notices) there are in town? So, with nothing better to do, I decided to turn my daily dose of exercise into something useful and tracked down a small selection to share with you.

Probably one of Rye’s most famous former residents.

Some are in memory of past residents, some are descriptive plaques, but all have a story to tell and are part of our local history. Rather than me write about each one, Ill leave it to you to hunt them out for yourselves, and I’ll let the pictures, in the gallery below, do the talking.

If you have any anecdotes or connections to any of the images please do write in to Rye News, as your stories are the ones which matter most.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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