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Wellies are definitely needed

Ann Pole, the coordinator of the Rye Community garden, Love Lane, would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped so far making it the wonderful space it has become. After a few winter months of hibernation and a decent rest from the hard work, Ann wanted to get back and plan for the spring. However, the recent weather has put a halt to it.

Not conducive to visit yet

She encourages volunteers to return and suggests below a number of days, Monday and Saturday volunteering sessions, to start digging, composting and sowing. It of course depends on the weather ahead. Dates pencilled in for now are February 22,  March 2, 7, 15, 21 and 30. Ann hopes that when the weather gets better, past and new volunteers will come and help her develop the garden further.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


  1. I have been part of this incentive since the beginning and we have all worked hard to get the garden to this stage. Finally having a coordinator Anna, yes her name is Anna not Ann, is great news for us. She was a great asset last year and we have been lucky to get funding for her again this year. She has enabled us to have regular sessions, get more groups to come along, such as the Brownies, so whilst the weather might not be playing ball and creating some issues, it doesn’t stop people coming, in their wellies and getting stuck in!
    Whilst not everyone has facebook to see the timings, Saturdays are usually 11am to 1pm and Mondays 2pm to 4pm. Please come along, we love new faces.

  2. It is a lovely space and improving all the time with the help of Anna (not Ann) and volunteers. A pity that the photos used do not reflect a better picture, for example, the daffidils, pulmonaria and hellebore in bloom, and the cherry plum blossom, despite the bad weather.


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