Who does she think she is?


A lady with an interesting past is bringing her family to Rye to celebrate her 70th birthday. Why Rye and what is interesting you may ask.

Carolyn Gaught (nee Igglesden) has been researching her family tree and has found herself connected to some colourful characters who played a part in Rye’s historic past. So far, she has located 17 properties in Rye that her family occupied: Mermaid Street, High Street, Landgate, Eagle Road, Belford Place, Bridge Place, Cyprus Place, The Strand, Traders Passage and Tower Street. It was Carolyn’s brother’s namesake John Igglesden that served the murderer John Breeds with his last drink at the Flushing Inn.

A good number of the family were innkeepers in Rye at the Swan and the Ypres among others The ancestors managing the Swan had 11 children and coped with eight lodgers whilst there. In the family, there were also bargemen, fishermen and a shipwright, not to mention the odd smuggler.

In 1838, a great great great grandma was resident in the Ypres women’s tower. Something to do with acquiring spoons apparently (intriguingly there is a spoon collector in the family today). The family at one time ran the Rye Hygenic Laundry.

Carolyn says that she has been aided enormously in her research by being able to trace seven of her eight great great grand parents which is unusual. She would like to acknowledge the help of local residents who have opened up their homes and lofts to give her some insight as to how people got about town in days gone by.

“The Rye Museum has been so helpful to me” she says, and she is hoping she might locate some other descendants among family lines: Igglesden, Axell, Jarrett, Jewhurst, Ailsworth, Tolhurst, Miller, Noakes, Jeffery and Easton.

“We are looking forward to a great family celebration and there is no need for anybody to lock up their daughters or their spoons!” she says.

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  1. Does anyone know who John Breeds the Rye Murderer of Allen Gerebell was Married to thats if he was married and any other information on Breeds…i have read that he did have children and so i assume he was married…but thats all i know…?


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