Windows spring into light

The George in the High Street hosted the Mayor at the day's end

Last week we photographed street lights around town, next week we will focus on how private homes around town have been lit up. This week we focus mainly on shops though “Great Expectations” came to a climax at the George (above) with the Mayor switching on the tree’s lights and praising competition winners.

The lighting last week  varied from busy floodlit places like the station and bus stops to quieter areas like the boats tied up along the quayside at The Strand with all the Christmas trees in Cinque Ports Street coming somewhere between the two .

And the shops are just as varied with some having displays that look just as good in the daylight, while others benefitted from the more subtle lighting of our old fashioned street lamps and strong images of Christmas like snowmen, reindeer or even a goose.

Some of the shops did not complete their windows until Friday which meant that the Great Expectations judges did not have a chance to complete their review. This will be carried out this week and we look forward to reporting the results.

Next week we look round the town at what people have done with individual homes. Some are simple and stately, like the homes themselves. Others are a riot of colour and images.

Photos/slideshow: Ray Prewer and John Minter

Image Credits: Ray Prewer .