Women’s Day of Prayer

Poster for Women's day of prayer

This year’s Women’s Day of Prayer is celebrated in Rye at the Methodist Church on Friday March 2. The service takes as its theme “All God’s Creation is Very Good!” It was written by the Christian women of Suriname with the focus on creation and our responsibility to care and look after it. The service will be conducted by the Revd. Theresa Munro.
In the words of the Executive Director of Women’s World Day of Prayer, Rosângela Oliveira, “we listen to the multicultural and multi-ethnic people of Suriname. They take us to their communities and through their concerns. History is before our eyes! The flora and fauna is remarkable! The everyday life is weaved into the prayers.”
Women’s Day of Prayer has its roots in the mid C19th but was first introduced to Britain 90 years ago in 1928 and takes place on the first Friday in March. This year’s theme gains relevance from the Paris Agreement which came into force on November 4 2016 after more than 180 countries signed a commitment to implement public policies to counter climate change.
Venue: Rye Methodist Church; Time 10:30am. All Welcome.

Photo: Women’s World Day of Prayer


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