Youngsters leave town

In amongst the roses a gull poses for the camera whilst keeping watch on the remaining brood.

We have already covered a story about young seagulls in Rye News this year but, for some reason, the noise of gulls breeding has seemed far louder than normal but, thankfully, things are beginning to quieten down a little as the young chicks, now young adults, find their wings and sea legs for their onward journey.

It seemed that from every chimney stack in town could be heard the cheeping sound of hungry chicks, calling incessantly to their parents for more food, their shrill calls like a slow torture to our ears. Covered in fluffy grey down they looked quite ‘cute’, and it’s a shame they have to grow to full size, but the life cycle carries on and they will be back again next year no doubt, feathering their nests ready for the next generation to launch themselves upon us.

It’s a long way down from the safety of a rooftop nest as this young chick discovered.

The adult birds can still be seen around town in large numbers, perched on a variety of vantage points keeping a watchful eye out for their remaining brood, in between bringing back regular supplies of food from wherever they can find it – a tough job, but someone’s go to do it

Only a few of the smaller, younger chicks can be heard now as their older siblings have made their move at last but, alas, a few did not make it, and there is evidence about confirming some have met with an untimely end. But for those who made it out alive their birthplace is etched firmly in their memories.  The chicks are now becoming conspicuous by their absence but as sure as night follows day they will come again but, until they do, we can enjoy the relative peace they leave behind, at least for now.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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