Vodafone to sort out service

Many Vodaphone customers in Rye have been experiencing erratic service for some weeks. This has now been traced to an intermittent problem with the mast in Playden. Nick Taylor investigates

Sun and gardens attract crowds

Glorious weather helped Winchelsea attract a record number of visitors to its main open garden day last Saturday, June 6, writes Richard Comotto. 11 wonderful...

Counting cars for the council

The county council closes the road past Rye's hospital for two weeks - but seems to have no idea how many patients will be affected, or how many cars use the site. Charles Harkness from Rye News went up the hill, and counted the cars in, and counted them out, so ESCC know how many lives their actions will affect. And the Town Council will keep protesting and asking questions about the county council's apparently ill-thought-out plans

Civic parting at St Mary’s

The Mayor, Town Clerk, Deputy Mayor, Councillors and Mace Bearers lined up outside St Mary's on Wednesday June 10 for the civic funeral of...

Hospital open, road closed

The A268 from Beckley into Rye will be closed for over a month on weekdays between 930 am and 6 pm for roadworks in three separate places. And the last and longest stage will be on Rye Hill by the hospital and medical centre. Diversions started at the bottom of Rye Hill causing confusion and chaos as one driver reports on our Opinion page. And possibly only those people living and working on the road have actually been told what is happening. Charles Harkness reports.

Council’s last minute cliffhanger

A bye-election to fill the casual vacancy on Rye Town Council would have cost every man, woman and child in the town at least £1 a head. But it has been halted at the last moment - though no-one was absolutely sure it would be. Instead the vacancy will be filled by co-option in a month's time at a public meeting. Possible candidates have three weeks to reply, and will face questioning in public. Charles Harkness reports.

CFAiR starts asking questions

Why is the cemetery so neglected, asks CFAiR [the Campaign For Action in Rye] at its first meeting. Who should own the new Tilling Green Community Centre , and when can we see a simple version of the revised Neighbourhood Plan. Three of the questions asked as this new group sets out to cast a spotlight on what our local councils are up to .

Cemetery is ‘utter disgrace’

Rye's cemetery is an 'utter disgrace' says a local widow, and CFAiR (the Campaign for action in Rye) has agreed to make the overgrown and neglected cemetery a priority. Rother's neglect of the cemetery has been in the news before, with headstones moved without warning and the site littered with broken trees. A shocked Dan Lake reports on how it looked as though it has been hit by a hurricane after visiting a family grave last week

Parents’ parking row

Inconsiderate and dangerous parking by parents at Winchelsea's primary school is driving residents to distraction - they can't drive anywhere else because parents are blocking the roads!

Casting light on two towns

A tale of two towns. One with beacon blazing, the other in the dark. One munches through a street party, the other has 'no appetite'. A first hand account from John Spencer of how Winchelsea celebrated, and an explanation from Charles Harkness of why Rye did not

Not quite Doctor Who but nearly

One of British Telecom's (BT) old phone boxes (actual age unknown) in Udimore Road, Rye, has a new lease of life. However, it has...

The film cameras are back

Be warned. The film cameras are back on our historic streets, on West Street and Mermaid Street and in Church Square, in particular. But...

Where waste is not wasted

Continuing pressure on waste collectors to recycle as much as possible can mean changes to when and how bins (or sacks) are collected. Also Rother Council have just introduced more changes from June 1. But what happens to the waste collected from our black bins which can not be recycled? Anthony Kimber reports from one site where waste turns into power for our homes

Green bins may overflow

Local residents all seem to have been told about new waste collection arrangements by Rother Council, either by email or letter, or both -...

Lorraine’s rocket splashes down

Rye Scallop Week star Lorraine Bowen, given the Golden Buzzer by David Walliams on "Britain's Got Talent", who called her "Britain's answer to Beyonce",...

Election could cost town £5,500

Rye has a casual vacancy to fill on its Town Council - and an election may be called, costing the town £5,000 or more. The new council is concerned at the cost compared to the other choice - co-option. The clock is ticking, as Charles Harkness explains. But electors may be kinder to possible candidates than the newly elected councillors. However those same candidates could have stood a few weeks ago when the town last voted

Raising awareness of dementia

As our population lives longer, dementia is on the increase affecting more and more people. But what are the facts, and more importantly, the answers to some basic questions? A new local group has been formed in national Dementia Awareness Week to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers. Kenneth Bird reports

River rescue saves dog owner

A spaniel and its female owner were rescued from the depths of the river at Rye Harbour by RNLI volunteers, after the dog ran over the retaining sea wall

Roger Breeds, a true Ryer

A former Mayor of Rye whose family has a very long history in the town has died. Town councillors and staff will be out in their finery for a civic ceremony at St Mary's on the morning of June 10, and Jim Hollands from Rye's Own recalls the man behind the Mayor

Gold award for local lifeboat man

Volunteer Tony Edwards (pictured above), deputy launching authority at Rye Harbour RNLI Lifeboat Station, was awarded the RNLI's prestigious Gold Badge on Thursday May...