More jobs claims rail study

A new report claims the local economy will benefit if high speed trains to Ashford run through to Rye and on to Hastings and Bexhill. But what is the timetable for this to happen?

Blanket harvest heads East

Blankets, knitted by local ladies and visitors were blessed at the Harvest Festival service at St Mary’s. And they will soon be on their way . . . but to where?

Jempson’s charge for plastic

What will you have to pay for soon that was free before? And should you have to pay? And is the answer in the bag?

A dogged approach to hills

Suddenly a "doggy bag" takes on a whole new dimension and, in a town deep in dogs, it may be a solution to one of autumn's challenges....scaffolding.

Tax refuser goes to jail

A local peace campaigner has been jailed despite claiming that his tax was being used to pay for illegal wars

Infamous fraud exposed

The infamous and fraudulent "missing link" and fossil-hunting featured in a talk in Iden

Back where they started

Rye friends, gourmets and gastronomes are delighted by the news that a well known and much missed couple are returning to a Rye restaurant. But who? And where?

Medals from the Lord Lieutenant

The Lord Lieutenant was in Rye Town Hall to present medals. Read on...

Lions’ free tests save lives

Rye & District Lions free prostate cancer checks proved very popular last Saturday

Got talent? Sign up now

Want to show off your talent? Win a prime Christmas slot on the Town Hall stage? Help raise money for a very special Rye day ? Read on

For sale: Landgate (needs TLC)

One year on, and after a load of bird excrement, Rother Council seems to want to wash its hands of Rye's historic Landgate - but who will step in, and how can it be used? The Mayor appealed last year for "Friends of the Landgate" to come forward. Details of the renovation costs are about to be revealed

Work project comes to an end

Last week saw the end of Rye Partnership's Rural Employability Project. Gina Sanderson reports. Some services continue, but "signing on" gets harder

Local groups can go wild

Local groups can go wild with help from the Lottery and London's Kew Gardens if they have good ideas for improving communal spaces with native wild flowers

Centenary party for WI

It's centenary time - so let's invite 100 people to a party and let the ukuleles play. Read on . . .

Oyez, oyez – swimming to victory

Oyez, oyez. Town Crier meets duck - but there are many more little yellow ducks bobbing around in the river. What is going on?

Barking mad at St Mary’s

Mixing multiple dogs, a cat, rodents and a bemused tortoise in a confined space could have been a recipe for disaster at the pet blessing service at St Mary's. Read on...

New lease of life for Reserve

Badly affected by the December 2013 floods, the visitor centre at the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve faces a brighter future

Rail fatality near Rye

Just before 2:00 pm Thursday October 1 the train to Ashford hit a person at the foot crossing near the Windmill. The person was...

Once is enough with floods

The tide came, and went. But water was out of control in Winchelsea Road, and invaded the Farmers Market. Massive sea defences are being built, but some river defences will not be in place until 2021. Have the risks been properly evaluated, or do we need to prepare for the worst ? Questions are asked on our News and Opinion pages, but this time we were lucky

Camber sea defence ready

This £30 million project at Camber is a small part of the work of the Environment Agency to increase the protection of the marsh from flooding. Some may wonder how well protected and for how long