All aboard for jumble

Rye Harbour Sailing Club is holding a Boat Jumble at the club on Sunday morning March 22 from 10:30.

Crackdown on Blue Badge cheats

Motorists  illegally using Blue Badges to park in disabled bays and avoid parking charges were the target for enforcement teams in a recent day...

Studio students fly high

Rye Studio School students visit New York to study art, drama and retail skills; learn about every aspect of opera including costume design as a follow-up to the Rye Arts Festival; and acquire work placement experience in order to focus both on academic exams and future job opportunities

Few see flag raised

Town Hall staff and Rye News reporter Charles Harkness and myself were among the few to witness the raising of the Commonwealth flag on...

Bishop’s opening at St Mary’s

Rye's new Church of England bishop, the Rt Rev Richard Jackson, Bishop of Lewes (pictured above), will be making his first visit to Rye...

River defences to ‘hold the line’

In a scheme believed to cost not less than £15 million, the Environment Agency has just published plans to strengthen flood defences on the east bank of the Rother which will further protect homes in New Road and Kings Avenue. But funding is not guaranteed and it will be seeking 'contributions'

Community centre to shrink

Tilling Green's old school is being replaced with 30 new homes and a new community centre. But while the community grows, with Valley Park eventually adding another 161 homes, the proposed new centre is shrinking. Current plans leave the community with about a third of the space it currently has, while the Rye Partnership takes over half the building. Alternatives are being proposed - and questions asked

Homeless on our streets

A recent talk at Rye Club highlighted the problems of homelessness in Hastings and the steps being taken to help those involved by Seaview Project

Fly a flag for the Commonwealth

Come and celebrate Commonwealth Day and hear a message from HM the Queen, on March 9 at the town hall. Join in locally and nationally to share in raising the Commonwealth flag

Hundreds sign ‘Save NHS’ petitions

Supporters of a 38 Degrees action day met with a big response in Rye - hundreds signed a petition calling on parliamentary candidates to pledge that they would stop further privatisation of the NHS

Do birds threaten Lydd disaster?

As the pile of rock armour to keep the sea out of Dungeness nuclear power station grows steadily, so are the numbers of migrating birds - and local protestors warn that bird strikes may be a bigger threat

Charity shop shares its profits

Rye Community Charity Shop recently held its second funding presentation evening. It took place at the Charity Shop, 7 Cinque Ports street, where four community groups were awarded grants

Brewery Yard site for sale

The Brewery Yard Club at King Street, Landgate is up for sale. But its history and its links with the Royal British Legion and their previous assets are interesting. The Brewery Yard Club broke away from the RBL in 2006 and some Legion records, photographs and trophies have never been seen since

Rye Show in new hands

Rye's hospital is to focus its money-making energies on its summer fete. For 10 years its big fundraiser has been the Rye Show but trustees have decided to let another charity benefit instead

Landgate probe to follow clean-up

A long overdue survey of the condition of the Landgate Arch has now been commissioned. This week's removal of pigeon guano should give an "all clear" safety signal and allow the investigation to proceed.

Rye News becomes CIC

Rye News joins the ranks of community interest companies that are registered under the Companies Acts and work for the benefit of the local community, Learn more about the status of your community newspaper

Three weeks of road works

The main road to Hastings is being closed overnight for three weeks from March 9 for road works. Residents fear that drivers will instead make more use of the already congested B2029 Udimore Road

Questions about faster trains

Lots of questions are expected to be asked about local trains at the Rye Town Hall meeting of the Marsh Link Action Group (MLAG) on 20 March.

High Street loading bay abused

White van men were fuming in Rye High Street on Wednesday morning, when the loading bay was obstructed overnight by an illegally parked car - the loading bay is never for use for more than 10 minutes

Scallop week starts here and now

The town will be filled this week with the aroma of scallops: pan-fried, in risotto, crispy battered, with poached pears, butternut squash. The choice is huge. And if you like music to wash them down, there's plenty of gigs, too