The power of the English bow

A master archer is coming to Winchelsea to demonstrate the awesome power of the medieval English warbow. Marauding Frenchmen beware!

Spelling it out

Concern about the plight of refugees was spelt out in front of Rye Town Hall last Saturday, as well as in many European cities.

Three canons wheeled out

Canons David Frost (Rector of Rye), Hugh Moseley (former Rector, now at Icklesham) and Richard Orchard (retired) blasted off (in journalism, canons always blast)...

Floating around Iden

Iden "resident" James Strangeways (above left in photo) popped up on Channel 4's "Grand Designs" this week with a house on stilts that looks...

Celebrating Fair Trade

Saturday September 19 is Fair Trade Day and there will be a coffee morning in St Mary's Centre from 10:30am-12:30pm with Fairtrade coffee, tea...

Singing with dementia

The incredible Sunset Singers have a secret - and it does not stop them singing, or helping raise funds to raise awareness at the Rye Creative Centre.

The Royals descend on church

Well almost. Winchelsea Church became the location for filming part of an episode of US cable TV show "The Royals". A film unit in a small armada of vehicles drove into the Ancient Town for the day and apparently so did Liz Hurley and Joan Collins, but it was rather difficult to see in the torrential rain

Keeping town glued together

The Rye Fund is seeking applications for grants and one of last year's recipients, Rye Community Transport (one of whose buses is pictured above coping with roadworks earlier this year) describes how important the grant was to them in keeping the town glued together

Responding to refugees’ plight

The plight of refugees has attracted newspaper headlines all week and locally a petition has been set up calling on local councils to welcome refugees, a vigil is being held at the Town Hall and shelters, sleeping bags and other equipment is being collected for sending to Calais camps.

Reacting to very high tides

Last week we reminded readers of the effect of exceptional winter tidal surges. Here Anthony Kimber chairman of REACT gives his own measured view of our flood defences

Shop Watch restarted

Rye traders have welcomed the return of a mutual support scheme, which puts them in immediate communication with the police and with each other,...

Graham’s Way will be unveiled

The final section of the cycle route down to Rye Harbour from the lock bridge and past the boatyard will be officially unveiled next...

Health bus came to town

This London bus looks a little lost by the Cinque Port Arms in Rye - and should have been somewhere more conspicuous. But healthwatch director Julie Fitzgerald (on left, above) was on hand to tell you how you can help...and make a valuable contribution to the on-going debate about our health and social care services.

Dementia questions answered

Nearly every adult knows of someone living close by who is suffering from dementia. Understanding how to interact positively can help lessen the burden

Hold the front page. We’re one.

One year and 1,500 headlines later Rye News is settling in as the town's volunteer-run community on-line newspaper with around 600 regular "readers" week after week, and a growing stream of visitors to the website who want to learn about Rye. And, like all voluntary organisations, we can always manage better with more help. But, for now, let's celebrate Rye and Rye News and check out the facts and figures

Water, water everywhere – maybe

It is the start of the season of high tides and tidal surges. Rye had a close escape 2 years ago, but what has been done since to prevent a disaster? John Minter investigates

Fifth continent gets lottery help

Huge skies, flat ground, shadowy sheep, a hint of water. It has to be the "Fifth Continent" - as one writer dubbed it. The Marsh. A unique area in many ways with a place in history over the centuries. Open to invasion from the Romans onwards, and probably before, and now the subject of a wide-ranging heritage project

BBC at jazz festival

BBC South East Today program paid a rare visit to Rye with a report on the Jazz Festival. Ray Prewer has the details

Help for a heart attack

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a heart attack, the chances are that a trained volunteer from Rother Responders could reach you before the ambulance. Hundreds of people were trained in using the resuscitation techniques last weekend

Time to show off green fingers

Autumn starts in September and is traditionally also seen as the harvest month - so it's time to get out your green fingers and show off what you have grown as it's time for Rye's annual flower and veg show this coming Saturday, September 5.