Card shop that holds all the aces

If you want to increase the value of your Christmas cards - giving to charity as well as to a friend - the shop at Rye Community Centre is the place to visit. Select cards from more than 35 charities, including several local ones, and pick up gift wrap and tags, Advent calendars, small gifts and stationery at the same time

Storm in a Winchelsea teacup

A recent article in "The Countryman" magazine took aim at the civic pretensions of Winchelsea. Residents from all sides of the community have complained about the inaccuracies that riddle the article, but these appear to have been supplied by a couple of residents in an own goal

Crackdown on stolen goods

Police forces from Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Thames Valley have joined forces to make life difficult for burglars - by identifying their life-blood: secondhand shops that buy stolen goods

Your cottage: want to keep it?

A cottage in Rye's quaint Market Street, next door to the town hall, is the property of the townspeople, says councillor Mary Smith. So why, she asks, haven't the people been consulted about selling it off - an item on Monday night's agenda of the local council. Turn up and have your say, she urges the public

Come or go, Edith’s is staying

A landlord's plans to open a restaurant and cafe near Hilder's Cliff would have meant some businesses closing down, indeed Wood N Things moved out during the summer. But plans have changed with dress agency La Maison about to move in to Wood N Things' vacated premises and award-winning Natalie Macgowan Spencer opening a vintage Americana stockroom in the former Bird/Nest shop. We'll be reporting on both these projects nearer the time of their opening, but one other important change is that Edith's House coffee shop is staying put. Tony McLaughlin shared a cappuccino with the owners

Beckley pensioner robbed

An elderly pensioner in Beckley was robbed of hundreds of pounds on Monday by a man claiming that she owed him money for gardening...

Hats off to hospital fundraisers

Snazzy outfits, sassy models and extravagant hats drew a crowd to the second fashion show in aid of The Friends of the Hospital at Rye - and raised even more funds

Missing councillors

At Rye's public services committee meeting on Monday a resident pointed out that of the seven councillors appointed to the committee only one was present -...

Don’t be too early on Sunday

British Summer Time ends at 2am this Sunday (October 26) so you'll have an extra hour in the morning. The brighter early mornings are welcomed by farmers...

National paper seeks locals

The Guardian's "Let's Move To" section is to feature Winchelsea and Winchelsea Beach, writes Tony McLaughlin. The newspaper asks any residents to send details of, for example,...

Mayor leads way to save Landgate

Without active assistance, Landgate faces an uncertain future. Rother can contribute only a negligible budget so other ways must be found to preserve it. We need the help of those - not just locally but globally - who treasure this unique building. What we need, the mayor says, is Friends of the Landgate!

Funeral for murdered girl

The murdered Northiam schoolgirl Mary Shipstone has finally been laid to rest more than a month after her shooting. The service was at her local church

Women in ‘pub fight’

Police investigating an assault at the Robin Hood public house in Icklesham have appealed for witnesses. It happened in the pub car park at about 6.20pm...

Another fine mess

An illegally parked vehicle caused yet another hold-up in town earlier this week when its presence prevented an HGV from turning through Landgate Arch

Sainsbury’s search goes on

Rumours were circulating this week that Sainsbury's had secured a buyer for its Lower School site in Rye, Tony Nunn writes. One source claimed...

Can you shed any light?

A lamppost was discovered on its side on Wednesday morning on land between the Gibbet Marsh car park and a nearby pumping station. But...

Six jobs go at Rye tourist centre

The Lion Street tourist centre will close next March - but the Heritage Centre on Strand Quay, which is already going from strength to strength and is to feature in a BBC series this autumn, will take over much of its work

MP starts squeeze on illegal parking

Police patrols issuing 80 parking tickets are a direct result of the intervention of MP Amber Rudd, who acted after residents raised concerns over illegally parked cars and fire appliances being blocked en route to an incident. A traffic warden is seen as the best solution to this increasing problem in Rye's narrow streets and funding is actively being sought

Villagers join in spirited scrub-up

Iden residents took advantage of good weather to have a bit of a village cleaning session and proved just what can be done with a little community spirit and some elbow grease. Mary Philo reports.

Chernobyl children still need help

A local charity that welcomes children from Chernobyl on holidays to the UK was visited last week by the director of the principal rehabilitation centre at Korosten in Russia to discuss different ways in which it can continue to help those still affected by the threat of radiation almost 30 years after the disaster