No warning for coach

Traffic ground to a halt after a large National coach turned right through the Landgate only for the driver to realise he was not going to get through the High Street. Traffic had been diverted after roadworks in Cinque Ports Street blocked westbound traffic. The driver blamed his "satnav" but there is no signage warning that the road is impassable for very large vehicles.

Fly-tippers leave clues

Will the police be able to identify fly-tippers who left more in Winchelsea than just their rubbish? Several letters were found with the same addressee!

Fishing equipment stolen

Power tools and more than £2,000 worth of fishing equipment have been stolen in a series of thefts in Rye, Sussex Police said today. A...

Shot schoolgirl Mary dies

Tiny Mary Shipstone, shot from a car parked outside her home, has died in a London hospital. The man who killed her is thought to be her estranged father but police have yet to announce a formal identification

Rotary awards lunch

The efforts of those who took part in a charity walk in May were marked at an awards lunch on Monday and local charities were delighted to benefit

Four months, 300 stories

At an awards lunch for charity walkers Kenneth Bird was invited to give the Rotarians present a brief talk about the progress of Rye News

Mayor’s pride to be at Ypres

In an emotional journey to the World War 1 battlefields of Belgium, a party led by the president of Rye's Royal British Legion, paid its respects - 100 years since since the start of the conflict

Cancer coffee ambition

Staff at Edinburgh Woollen Mill in the High Street are joining others in many different places on 26 September to fund-raise for cancer carer Macmillan as part of the biggest coffee morning in the world.

Saturday will be a quacker!

Rye pre-school playgroup holds its annual duck race on Saturday September 20th at noon by Ferry Road bridge. You'd be quackers to miss it!

Toilets going down the pan

Winchelsea's infamous public toilets are "going down the pan" through Rother District Council's neglect say residents. Structural damage caused by trees has led to the closure of most of the facilities. But Rother has no plans to fell the trees nor to repair the building, which residents say is becoming an unacceptable eyesore

NHS fiasco over surgery worsens

Rye Medical Centre's appeal, supported by nearly 1,000 residents, against the NHS decision that Peasmarsh cannot have a weekly GP surgery, has not been heard because the NHS does not know how to deal with it. In the meantime, possible bus cuts make a local surgery even more vital. Gill Clamp reports

Lady luck scratches up a fortune

A woman who won on a lottery Scratchcard is now the envy of her neighbours after scooping up one of the jackpots and ending up a cool quarter of a million richer

Road ahead closed

Westbound traffic along Cinque Ports Street is diverted for up to a fortnight between Market Road and Regent Square, but the car park is still open. The diverted traffic will have to use the Undercliff or the High Street and the short-cut down Rope Walk may be much less busy

Sneak preview of the Standard

Popular local pub the Standard is set to reopen in the next few days after eighteen months of renovation, remodelling and rebuilding work. Ray Prewer will be reviewing the pub from a customer's viewpoint once they start pulling pints but in the meantime Britainy Rae takes a sneaky peek inside

Burglars targeted

Police officers and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers across the county will visit people living close to the scenes of break-ins within days of the crime to warn them about what has happened, show them how they can make sure their home is secure, and gather information that could help catch offenders.

Caring and creative help

As ARRCC opens its latest venture, a second-hand furniture warehouse, in the former Freda Gardham School on Rye's outskirts, Kenneth Bird reports on the charity and the site.

Swap shop Saturday at St Mary’s

Saturday's swap shop will take place at St Mary's Centre, Lion Street from 9:30am until 12 noon with contributions to be there by 11am. Bring things you don't need and get...

Bloody vandal

A trail of damage through Winchelsea by four vandals saw attacks on a house and eight cars but one vandal also left a trail of blood. Police have taken DNA samples to try to identify the culprit.

Southern Rail perplexes passengers

Southern Rail, recently voted the third worst rail company in the UK, added to its customers' woes by rescheduling an early morning commuter train without telling anyone and then offering an implausible explanation.

Jempson’s boot fair is a bumper ride

The latest Jempson’s bank holiday boot fair was another success raising over £1,000 for charity and providing enjoyment not only for the sellers but for those of us who like a bargain or two.