Mary Stanford remembered

A disaster is remembered. Heidi Foster gives a personal account

RBL welcomes new Padre

The Rye British Legion has appointed an old face to be the new padre

30th birthday for WI

The Landgate WI celebrated its 30th birthday this week. Joan Jones reports

Legion raises over £2,000

The British Legion in Peasmarsh raised significant funds for this year's Poppy Appeal

Cruising with a roar

Immaculate cars from a bygone era brought the town to a noisy halt as perfectly maintained classic cars toured the narrow streets

The clock ticked on

A framed poem was left on the war memorial on Remembrance Sunday. Rye News tracked down the author.. and the means by which it appeared there

Mean streets get friendlier

Rye and Camber residents are taking to the streets in increasing numbers - but what has it to do with the needy, the vulnerable, and those who have missed the last train?

Christmas is coming and going

Christmas is coming and winter pictures surround us. But so do some "Sold Out" signs as the town looks forward to a more festive season this year

Oh Rye, Oh Rye, Oh Rye

Do you have a loud and carrying voice? A certain presence and authority when you walk into a room? This could be the job of your dreams

Commemorating lost heroes

An old lifeboat house remains, standing lonely on the shore. This weekend Rye Harbour will remember a small community's largest loss

Shoeboxes, but no shoes

Visitors to St Mary's over the last few weeks might have been puzzled by a growing mountain of gift wrapped shoeboxes. These have now been whisked away - but where were they going?

Beach jetsam: Dog warning

Watch out for slimy stuff on the beach that could harm your pooch

Don’t lose your vote

Rother District Council seem to be making it appear to be difficult to register to vote. Ray Prewer tries to cut through the red tape

Hospital bell rings out

A hospital remembers as Friends gather

Rope Walk before and after

Now you see them. Now you don't. Rope Walk' has been flattened - and it all happened in the dark

Coming events in town

Dementia training, Christmas shopping and recycling are all on the agenda for the coming week - and the weekend after

Remembering the fallen

Marchers process up to the Town Hall for the salute, the Remembrance Day Service and the laying of wreaths - and our slideshow shows how the town turned out in large numbers to remember the dead, and recall the impact war can have . . .

This November in ‘Fixtures’

Rye News' sports editor takes to the sea this month with an on board report of one of the season's final cruiser races, while...

Police park warden hopes

Rye Town Council wants the Police and Crime Commissioner to explain why wardens have been "parked"? Charles Harkness reports

Crunch time for historic arch

Urgent repairs needed to the historic Landgate arch may cause major problems for the town centre. But, without them, the problems may get even worse. Charles Harkness reports