History that rose from the sea

Gazing to the East and down river the fragile nature of the Marsh and the ever present threatening tides become obvious - but what history lurks there ? A Museum speaker will tell all.

Rye vs. Jempson’s

A car park sized can of worms has opened up on supermarket Jempson's Facebook page. Complaints are streaming in. The tension between Rye residents and their local supermarket has reached boiling point. Sort of. And are Jempson's not-so-popular responses good PR? Judge for yourself as Britainy Rae highlights a small town's Facebook drama

Xmas as you wish it was

Who is doing what is a secret. But they've got talent. And you can make them a winner. But the real winner is "Christmas In Rye"

Out of sight, out of mind?

The sea seems distant from the town - but exciting when you are sailing on it. High tides help the boats move in and out, but next week's highest tides can also be a threat. This week though the sailors have hit the jackpot. Read on...

Camera club awarded £500

Why is photographer John Wylie taking a "selfie" of himself in a pub with our local Member of Parliament Amber Rudd? And why was she giving him money?

The wall – ours at last!

The Millennium Wall is now finally owned by Rye - yet another piece of our town that we are slowly re-acquiring

Children can go conkers

Children will be welcome at East Street Museum Monday October 26, 2-4pm for a fun craft afternoon, most suitable for children aged four to...

Rocking with Rachmaninov

Music played 'live' from Rachmaninov to ragtime at Rye Creative Centre on Friday followed by nature explorations on Saturday

Save lives with books

What do Caitlin Moran and Hilary Mantel have in common? Seana Lanigan explains

Their eyes glint in the dark

You will have to be very lucky to see a live one, but their eyes do glint in the dark. And they will be joined this week by longbowmen, bands, artists, countryside walks and a range of menus - because it is Wild Boar Week. Charles Harkness reports

The joys of being online

Being an online newspaper has its good points. One is automatic alerts telling you what's in this week's issue. Another is the ability to "answer back" - and readers are doing so

Bone fires and burning boats

Preparations are well in hand for next month's bonfire pageant - but burning the boats seems to have a much longer history than Guy Fawkes

Fundraising for ancient bicycle

This penny farthing needs some tender loving care, and funds are being raised for the purpose

More jobs claims rail study

A new report claims the local economy will benefit if high speed trains to Ashford run through to Rye and on to Hastings and Bexhill. But what is the timetable for this to happen?

Blanket harvest heads East

Blankets, knitted by local ladies and visitors were blessed at the Harvest Festival service at St Mary’s. And they will soon be on their way . . . but to where?

Jempson’s charge for plastic

What will you have to pay for soon that was free before? And should you have to pay? And is the answer in the bag?

A dogged approach to hills

Suddenly a "doggy bag" takes on a whole new dimension and, in a town deep in dogs, it may be a solution to one of autumn's challenges....scaffolding.

Tax refuser goes to jail

A local peace campaigner has been jailed despite claiming that his tax was being used to pay for illegal wars

Infamous fraud exposed

The infamous and fraudulent "missing link" and fossil-hunting featured in a talk in Iden

Back where they started

Rye friends, gourmets and gastronomes are delighted by the news that a well known and much missed couple are returning to a Rye restaurant. But who? And where?