Hospital bell rings out

A hospital remembers as Friends gather

Rope Walk before and after

Now you see them. Now you don't. Rope Walk' has been flattened - and it all happened in the dark

Coming events in town

Dementia training, Christmas shopping and recycling are all on the agenda for the coming week - and the weekend after

Remembering the fallen

Marchers process up to the Town Hall for the salute, the Remembrance Day Service and the laying of wreaths - and our slideshow shows how the town turned out in large numbers to remember the dead, and recall the impact war can have . . .

This November in ‘Fixtures’

Rye News' sports editor takes to the sea this month with an on board report of one of the season's final cruiser races, while...

Police park warden hopes

Rye Town Council wants the Police and Crime Commissioner to explain why wardens have been "parked"? Charles Harkness reports

Crunch time for historic arch

Urgent repairs needed to the historic Landgate arch may cause major problems for the town centre. But, without them, the problems may get even worse. Charles Harkness reports

A last push to save lives this year

Winter is setting in in the Middle East, People without homes, without shelter, without money are desperate for our help. Rye has already stepped up to help. Can we make one last push before Christmas?

Rex cries for Christmas

The Town Crier and two dolphins launch a special Christmas shop where you can buy once and give twice

Plague at the museum

Bodies from the Great Plague were recently discovered as part of the Crossrail tunnel excavations in central London and a Rye man was one of the commentators on this tragic moment in history. Find out why this Saturday.

CFAiR backs 20mph speed limit

Following two recent traffic accidents involving children, Campaign For Action in Rye (CFAiR) will campaign for a 20mph speed limit - but on which streets?

Living on the edge of the tide

As the tide rises it spreads out either side of the main channel, but a "surge" could be devastating. Charles Harkness investigates

Speed spotlight on Tilling Green

A recent accident has put the spotlight on speeding in Mason Road and Tilling Green Residents Association has been discussing this. Donna Lake reports

The cross, crescent – and stick?

A reader wrote in asking why the British Legion's "Poppy Appeal" featured sticks rather than the usual crosses. Seana Lanigan investigates

Save those in peril on the sea

Do you want to be a hero or heroine? Rye Harbour will soon be celebrating some past heroes. Learn about this essential service

Catwomen and men needed

Hundreds of cats and kittens have been helped locally by a charity. But it's now running out of volunteers

History that rose from the sea

Gazing to the East and down river the fragile nature of the Marsh and the ever present threatening tides become obvious - but what history lurks there ? A Museum speaker will tell all.

Rye vs. Jempson’s

A car park sized can of worms has opened up on supermarket Jempson's Facebook page. Complaints are streaming in. The tension between Rye residents and their local supermarket has reached boiling point. Sort of. And are Jempson's not-so-popular responses good PR? Judge for yourself as Britainy Rae highlights a small town's Facebook drama

Xmas as you wish it was

Who is doing what is a secret. But they've got talent. And you can make them a winner. But the real winner is "Christmas In Rye"

Out of sight, out of mind?

The sea seems distant from the town - but exciting when you are sailing on it. High tides help the boats move in and out, but next week's highest tides can also be a threat. This week though the sailors have hit the jackpot. Read on...