Figures which mislead

Council tax figures need close scrutiny

No need to panic – yet

Be prepared, the future may be uncertain

So what happens now?

We are all suffering from EU fatigue and our politicians do their best to confuse us further the editor gives his understanding of the problem

Devil is in plan’s detail

A Rye Town Councillor takes a look at some of the aspects facing re-development at Rock Channel

Pavements battered

This year's Town Meeting in Rye Community Centre passed pretty peacefully given that is election year for both the Town Council and Rother District...

What do we want?

Charles Harkness guides us through a busy week

The polluting tide

Do we really, really need so much plastic?

Should Rye declare a climate emergency?

"I want you to act as you would in a crisis . . . because it is"

Climate change and sea levels

More thoughts on the effects of climate change

More on Palestine talk

A talk on the plight of the Palestinian people will be of interest to those who seek peace in the Middle East

Why is school path closed?

Locked gate bars important access to and from the Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool

How to fly the flag

Patriotism or a sign of distress?

The Rising Tide

Davos and the Town Coucil - what links them?

No jewel in The Crown

Has anyone thought of asking Netflix for a financial contribution?

New ideas for visitors?

Do we need to rethink what Rye is offering its visitors?

Looking back

So who read what, this last year?

Seasonal plaudits

The town's decorations are appreciated

Smart Parking facts revealed

Just how well are a parking company being monitored

Marshlink future

The future is bright for Marshlink travellers - possibly