Tackling or creating grot-spots?

Dear Editor I applaud the appointment of a town steward by Rye. But your photograph horrified me. Parking the steward's 4x4 on a grass...

Council’s spending ‘is all wrong’

Rye Town Council spends on projects without any publicity or discussion with local townspeople, including the appointment of a town steward and, probably, the sale of Town Hall Cottage and purchase of two housing units. Isn't it time residents were part of a robust debate on local priorities, asks Mary Smith?

Should we get in the (car) club?

A car club could help reduce Rye's parking problems, at the same time providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for drivers, suggests Christopher Strangeways

CDR’s ‘false promises’

Dear Editor The 10 Campaign for a Democratic Rye candidates in 2011 were elected on false and unachievable promises, such as: “We aim to take back...

Watch out: scam council calls about

Dear Editor If anyone gets a call from someone with an Indian accent purporting to be from Rye Town Council put the phone down on...

Kino – a warm welcome

Dear Editor What a joy it is to enter our newest business in Rye: the Kino. The ambience created in the café is fantastic and...

Help the town steward clean up!

Rye Town Council has recently appointed a town steward to help keep our streets clean and safe. But we residents need to step up, change our own behaviour and take responsibility for our environment

Points scoring at rail summit

Amber Rudd hosted another rail summit at Hastings last week and had a Transport Minister there to make an on-message speech for the defending Conservative candidate in May's general election. But not all went clackety-clack for Rudd. She always talks of the Javelin project with absolute confidence, but the minister wasn't quite so definite, reports Nick Taylor

CDR members to rethink its future

Thanks to the filming of "Mapp and Lucia", Rye is now the place to go. Local pressure group, the Campaign for a Democratic Rye, is examining its own role in boosting the town's future

Henry James’s favourite walk

Sewer work has destroyed the footpath that runs along the middle of the valley between Rye and Winchelsea. The route was the favourite walk of Henry James, writer and famous erstwhile occupant of Lamb House

Tweets help to sort shuttle service

Commuter Paul Barker doesn't take a bad service standing up - not on a cold, wintry platform at 6am. When Rye's diesel shuttle service went awry earlier this month, he started a twitter account specifically to give fellow travellers a voice and to spread the word. He describes here why he wants you to follow . . .

Planning process ‘ineffective’

Neighbouring residents have long supported the need to develop the unsightly plot in Cinque Ports Street and participated constructively in the original consultations with the architect. But what do they think of the planning process now? One of them explains

A ‘fabulous’ boost to town

The new cinema in Rye will be great for filmgoers and great for business. Paul King, one of the guests at the Kino Rye preview party on January 15, expresses his admiration and enthusiasm . . .

Danger at pedestrian crossing

Dear Editor I did it on Monday - and I've just seen a young couple do it this morning (Thursday): step out on to the...

Dogs and consequences

Dear Editor All of us love dogs, and many of us are lucky enough to have one. But walking on some of the paths around Rye...

Spare a tin for Christmas

The original Christmas story was one of poverty and generosity and with some of our community dealing with financial hardship, Canon David Frost of St Mary's, Rye, suggests one way to help our neighbours

Draining money not the land

While the river and internal waterway drainage authority operates efficiently and cost effectively, the Environment Agency spends money like water, conducting repairs poorly and at unsuitable times, says local farmer Simon Wright

Parking and the police

Due to other pressures, the police cannot routinely monitor parking offences in Rye, even though it continues to cause frequent traffic problems. Here Rother's police commander explains his point of view

Is this the start of a new term?

Now that both Sainsbury's and Tesco have walked away from Rye's "bombsite", formerly known as the lower school, is the Rye Academy Trust going to step forward and provide a perfect campus for 5 to 18 year-olds around a shared sports field?

‘Get behind rail project’

What is behind the proposed new Highspeed link to London that will cut a Rye trip to the capital to 55 minutes? The needs of Hastings. But, argues, Stuart Harland, it also gifts an improved service to Rye