Who influences your vote?

Are you being subject to subliminal influencing in the way you vote?

Making meadows

A meadow on the Salts is possible, but would need lots of work

Plans for Rye’s empty buildings

Vacant or redundant shops and development sites could leave a lasting impression for visitors to the local area.

Black mark for smoking

An observant reader

Living on the edge

A narrow escape raises questions for future

Faiths against the arms trade

Protests against the recent Arms Fair. The Nationals won't report it, so Rye News has!

Does anybody check road closures?

How to get from A to B via X,Y and Z

Will allotments be saved?

The council's position on allotments is explained

Crowd controls needed

Thousands of people present a problem at Camber Sands

Parking chaos increases danger

Advanced driving skills are required to negotiate illegally and selfishly parked cars

Hospital appointments chaos

The Conquest Hospital cancels patient appointments with no prior warning

Boat crushed at Strand Quay

A small boat has borne the brunt of an accident

Can Bethel Chapel be saved?

The Bethel Chapel in Military Road needs greater protection to conserve the street scene

Tracing one of Rye’s best poets

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Patric Dickinson's family?

Stop this Military Road development

A Military Road resident gives his views on another new development proposal in the road

Potential parking problems

Are ESCC taking the right approach to proposed new parking controls

Bennett’s link with Australia

A reader in Australia remembers his days at WJ Bennett

Fire raises concerns

Lessons to be learned from the fire at the George?

Waifs and strays

Thoughts on help when misfortune befalls our visitors