Safety must come first . . .

The idea of a community traffic warden was pushed aside by most Rye councillors last week. But it's an idea that must not get kicked into the long grass, explains Granville Bantick

A matter of priority

Granville Bantick, a Rye councillor, had until a few days ago, supported the idea of an odd job man to care for the town. He told councillors, though, why he changed his mind

Parking solution floated

It would seem to me that, rather than a town steward, money could be better spent on a simple vehicle (of the old milk...

Pleas to Katy Bourne

On two recent occasions when illegally parked vehicles have blocked fire appliances, Councillor Mary Smith has written to the county's police and crime commissioner. These are her letters

Traffic warden essential

Grim though the state of Rye town is, and in need of a "steward", far more urgent is the traffic situation that has become...

Bonfire poppies were a nice tribute

What is your take on Rye Bonfire's controversial effigy?

Spending force or spent force?

A week ago the idea of a town steward, aka an odd-job man, was rejected by Rye councillors. Suddenly, it's back on the agenda. The decision has been revoked and on Monday there's a special meeting of the council to push the idea through. So, why the rush to spend taxpayers' money, asks councillor Mary Smith

Move coaches to Gibbet Marsh

I've been speaking to one of the store owners in Rye. He was very supportive about increasing the parking on a Thursday. Coach parking brings...

Landgate work ‘non-essential’

There has been much concern voiced lately about the state of the Landgate. Rye Conservation Society contacted Rother District Council back in November 2011...

Positive praise . . .

Just to say congrats and thanks to the talented and dedicated team at Rye News for the relevance, high standards, humour and all-round appeal...

Positive thinking . . .

Just a response to the disappointment of your story Missing councillors .  Individuals have, of course, the right to complain but it would really be...

BT is a nuisance too!

Why do telecom companies allow their customers to be targeted with voice messages that appear to be some sort of scam, asks Kenneth Bird.

Enemies of Bonfire about!

Bonfire Night has long attracted critics, so-called 'enemies of Bonfire'. Does this now include local media companies? BBC and Meridian have been trawling for stories about Bonfire Night in Sussex. Bonfire societies are suspicious that they are looking for sensationalist copy

Room for improvement

The fact that the two big supermarkets are pulling out of the Ferry Road site is the perfect opportunity to put it back into...

Sainsbury’s: more Qs than As

What happens next in the ongoing supermarket saga? Rye's planners and visionaries are rethinking the future. But that's not easy when so many things hang in the air

Car parking manoeuvres

Parking can be a problem in the town especially on Thursday's when it's market day, but Paul Barker has a solution

Bureaucracy gone baaaa-my

Every time a sheep moves a government department knows about it. But does this make food any safer? And if officials can trace sheep, how come they can't locate all criminals and illegal immigrants?

Station ‘needs more parking’

Now that Sainsbury's and Tesco have abandoned plans to develop the Lower Farm site could some of the land be used for extra parking? Commuter Paul Barker thinks so.

‘Why we want those trains’

Stuart Harland explains why he believes a Highspeed service offers Rye a brighter future. Being a tourist-dependent town, he says, better transport links could only improve business, regeneration and economic growth generally

No trade, no town

Rye became famous by being commercially minded, yet the current recession is hitting our High Street hard. What has happened to its entrepreneurial spirit?