A ‘fabulous’ boost to town

The new cinema in Rye will be great for filmgoers and great for business. Paul King, one of the guests at the Kino Rye preview party on January 15, expresses his admiration and enthusiasm . . .

Danger at pedestrian crossing

Dear Editor I did it on Monday - and I've just seen a young couple do it this morning (Thursday): step out on to the...

Dogs and consequences

Dear Editor All of us love dogs, and many of us are lucky enough to have one. But walking on some of the paths around Rye...

Spare a tin for Christmas

The original Christmas story was one of poverty and generosity and with some of our community dealing with financial hardship, Canon David Frost of St Mary's, Rye, suggests one way to help our neighbours

Draining money not the land

While the river and internal waterway drainage authority operates efficiently and cost effectively, the Environment Agency spends money like water, conducting repairs poorly and at unsuitable times, says local farmer Simon Wright

Parking and the police

Due to other pressures, the police cannot routinely monitor parking offences in Rye, even though it continues to cause frequent traffic problems. Here Rother's police commander explains his point of view

Is this the start of a new term?

Now that both Sainsbury's and Tesco have walked away from Rye's "bombsite", formerly known as the lower school, is the Rye Academy Trust going to step forward and provide a perfect campus for 5 to 18 year-olds around a shared sports field?

‘Get behind rail project’

What is behind the proposed new Highspeed link to London that will cut a Rye trip to the capital to 55 minutes? The needs of Hastings. But, argues, Stuart Harland, it also gifts an improved service to Rye

Councillors: do your homework

Despite the proposed Marshlink upgrade being a project that will cost £150million or more, the details of which were unveiled earlier this year by our MP, a government minister and senior executives from Network Rail, Rye town councillors remain worryingly ignorant about this major proposal

Share in a charity shop’s fortunes

Rye Community Charity Shop would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support. The shop at 7 Cinque Ports Street, which is run solely...

More money for flood defences

The Rye Emergency Action Community Team welcomes the Chancellor's announcement about funding for flood defence projects to protect high-risk areas and 300,000 homes

Not me, not me, not me . . .

It was a festive meet-your-MP evening: mince pies and a bout of serious thinking. Debate focused on the three most important issues facing Rye. Amber Rudd impressed. Rye councillors didn't. But then how could they? Most of them didn't turn up. John Howlett reflects on Amber, accountability and absentees

Day and night parking issues

Car parking issues are as relevant in the evening as they are during the day, writes Paul Barker

‘Speak up, Crime Commissioner’

Correspondence between Mary Smith, a Rye councillor, and the department serving Katy Bourne, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner shows the increasing frustration with the commissioner's office for a lack of response to queries about the recent incidents in Rye in which illegally parked vehicles blocked the progress of fire appliances

More fast links to London needed

Southern have just announced that they have purchased hundreds of trains across all their lines. Guess how many extra carriages or trains the Marshlink is...

‘Insult to brave men’

I agree with your correspondent who described the burning of the poppies at the Rye bonfire night as not in good taste. I think...

Tasteful tribute at bonfire

I write with reference to the debate surrounding the "burning of the poppies" at this year's Rye Fawkes celebrations. In this instance I feel...

The true spirit of Benson

Allan Downend, Secretary of the EF Benson Society, attended the advanced screening of the first episode of the BBC series. He thought it was excellent and when it is shown at Christmas it should bring more people to the Mapp and Lucia books as well as to Rye.

Where we live

Do watch this lovely programme. It starts round the Citadel, goes to Camber, Dungeness, Martello, Rye Harbour, Dover, Pett Level, RSPB area and a bit...

Safety must come first . . .

The idea of a community traffic warden was pushed aside by most Rye councillors last week. But it's an idea that must not get kicked into the long grass, explains Granville Bantick