A fair rate or legalised theft?

A Rye High Street shopkeeper complains that the extremely high rates are punitive and a contributing factor in the failure of many small businesses

Breed mystery solved

The "Chocolate Sheep" mystery has been solved. Without doubt, they are Welsh Mountain Badger Face breed, writes my brother Christopher from Downton, Wiltshire....

Bin Rother’s wheelie bins

Large bins and recycling boxes will do nothing to improve the appearance of the town or help its residents. A better plan is needed

Why I’ll vote in EU elections

Ten MEPs representing our region will join the European Parliament after elections on May 22. David Cracknell explains why it is important to take part

‘Your paper is brilliant’

One of our readers has written to say she thinks this paper is a very good idea. She came up with a good one of her own: to do a series of interviews for us

No pavement for pedestrians

With reference to Tony Nunn's letter "Absence of road sense": I am afraid what he criticises as a pavement up Ferry Hill at  Winchelsea is...

Tradition or unwanted relic?

Towns and cities in England usually have a civic mayor, as in Rye, or a directly elected mayor, as in London. Winchelsea's mayors are something else - and some in the town resent the manner of their making

Fill those potholes

I heard on local radio that the Government has allocated £15 million for road repairs "in the South" so I do hope at least...

A traffic-free centre

A Rye couple urges us to think long-term about freeing parts of the Citadel of traffic - to the benefit of shops, residents and visitors. They were impressed recently by how three towns in Italy have tackled the same issues

Where’s my British food?

An olde worlde town but where is the traditional food asks one reader from Romney Marsh

Absence of road sense

Paths are meant to keep us off the road. This one forces us into it

Is Rye at risk from flooding?

Winter saw the worst flooding in our region for more than 60 years. Should the tidal surge make us more or less confident about the future?