£10 to get fit

Who said getting fit was boring? Rye runners welcome beginners and seasoned runners alike.

You cant buy a lot for ten pounds these days but you might get two standard glasses of house wine, or maybe a large cod and chips, or as a last resort a packet of 20 cigarettes?

I’m sure many of us have talked about putting on a few extra pounds, we’ve probably said “we must start to cut down and do some exercise” but sitting in the comfort of our front rooms when it’s pouring down or cold outside it takes a bit of motivation to get us going.

Dieting is part of the answer but exercise is probably more enticing, particularly if it’s structured and enjoyable and if it can be done with others who don’t take it all too seriously, have fun and who are not trying to be the next sportsperson of the year. This is where Rye Runners could be a route for you to consider.

The club is starting a 10 week beginners course, meeting at the Tillingham Green Community Centre at 10:30am on Saturday, January 18 then at the same time and venue on each Saturday for the duration of the course. The cost for the whole course is £10, payable as a one off registration fee for new beginners, terrific value considering Sam Murphy and Jeff Pyrah (who set up Rye Runners in 2010) are both British Athletics qualified coaches. In addition there is a team of qualified running leaders who provide lots of help, support and encouragement along the way.

Sam Murphy and Jeff Pyrah, founders of Rye Runners

The sessions are structured so that everyone gets to work at their own level with advice and exercises on hand to try and improve technique and strength which in turn improves speed, endurance and efficiency.  If you lack a little self belief, need encouragement and value being part of a sociable club then why not sign up to Rye Runners? Their motto is they never leave anyone out and they never leave anyone behind. Take a look at their video below via activesussex.org, its quite inspirational and to book your place on the beginners course you can email Gareth Mccully, (Rye Runners coach) at garethmccully24@gmail.com

Just think, instead of spending your hard earned £10 on wine, fish and chips or cigarettes why not spend it on getting yourself fitter, meet a new circle of like minded people and feel better for it, sounds like a safe bet to me. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and will be there on the beginners course, I hope to meet you there.

Image Credits: Rye Runners .


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