150 minutes of physical activity

As much as we love Santa, he is carrying a few extra pounds, which is not good for his long term health. (Royalty-free image)

One way to avoid piling on the pounds this Christmas is 150 minutes of physical activity which may be just walking – or a leisure centre if they are allowed to be open – and countywide healthy lifestyle provider “One You East Sussex” has issued tips for how Father Christmas – and anyone else who may be concerned about their weight – can still enjoy the holiday season whilst keeping an eye on what they’re eating.

With The British Dietetic Association saying that some people may consume around 6,000 calories on Christmas Day alone, which is up to three times the recommended daily amount, the team at One You East Sussex is urging Santa and East Sussex residents to enjoy their Christmas, but to do so in a way that doesn’t create problems for them in the new year.

“You only need to look at Santa to see that, as much as we love him, he is carrying a few extra pounds, which is not good for his long term health,” says Dan Ford, Engagement Lead for One You East Sussex.

Share a carrot or two with Rudolf

“Addressing obesity has become even more important since the onset of the pandemic. People living with obesity are twice as likely to be hospitalised with COVID-19, and current evidence suggests that COVID-19 patients living with obesity, and in particular morbid obesity, may be more likely to be admitted to intensive care; require advanced treatment; and potentially have poorer outcomes, including greater risk of mortality.

Our advice to Santa when he is visiting all the houses on Christmas Eve would be to ease off of the mince pies and maybe share a carrot or two with Rudolf.”

One You East Sussex’s tips for staying healthy over Christmas include being active over the holiday period; minimising the amount of time spent sitting on the sofa watching television; keeping an eye on portion sizes; keeping meals healthy and balanced, and trying to avoid snacking as much as possible.

“At the end of a year when people may have been more stressed, more sedentary, and may have overindulged as a result of being in lockdown, we want everyone to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season, but to not regret later how they have celebrated,” continues Ford.

Find out what works for you

“However, if you get to January and remain concerned about your weight , we urge people to look into signing up for one of our free weight loss programmes. We know that what works for one person to lose weight doesn’t always work for the next person so we have a range of options to give you the best possible chance of success.”

Services available include:

  • Weight loss programmes are open to those with a BMI over 25. There is a 12 week programme which supports you as you kick start your weight loss journey through small sustainable lifestyle changes. Also on offer is MAN v FAT, which encourages men to lose weight through football leagues run across the county.
  • For those looking to become more physically active, a team of coaches are on hand with sessions designed to get you moving more and achieving the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week. The Other Room Virtual gym launched this year with live and recorded physical activity sessions to keep you moving.
  • For anyone drinking over 14 units per week and looking to reduce their alcohol intake to within the recommended levels or abstain for good, one to one or group sessions are on offer in addition to digital options such as the One You app. For more information visit www.oneyoueastsussex.org.uk or call them on 01323 404600.

Source: One You East Sussex


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