Bad weather problem!

From a race in September

Regular readers will remember that, despite the first summer series set of dinghy races being cancelled,  club members had managed to keep some sailing going when government Covid-19 regulations allowed.  Summer series 2 started with high hopes at the end of July where a total of eight races out of the ten planned were sailed.  Unusually, this year, the last races were not held because of Covid-19, but because of bad weather.

The latest lockdown meant that the winter series 2020/21 for those brave or foolhardy (take your pick) enough to venture out to sea at this time of year did not start on time.  With the latest announcements it looks as if outdoor sport will be allowed in time for the next scheduled race on Saturday, December 5.  As ever, in all things Covid, the club will be taking its guidance from the Royal Yachting Association.

Despite the obstacles placed in front of us this year, we have managed to award trophies for sailing activity.  Where races series could not be run, the club will inscribe the winner as ‘Covid-19’ as an historical record of events.

Dinghy trophies awarded

Dinghy trophies awarded in 2020 are:

  • Admiral Anstruther Cup (summer series 1 winner) – Covid-19
  • Camber Cup (summer series 1 runner-up) – Covid-19
  • Reg Blattman Trophy – (summer series 2 winners) – Andrew & Mary Hewitt
  • Forge Trophy (summer series 2 runners-up) – John & Claire Powell
  • Heavy Weather Bowl (river Rother races winners) – John & Claire Powell
  • Trever Parks Trophy (river Rother races runners-up) – Andrew & Mary Hewitt
  • Treasurer’s Tankard (summer series junior winner) – Covid-19
  • Postling Cup (winter series 19/20 winner) – Mark Whiteman

Whilst the effect of Covid-19 on sport is probably one of the least important effects on life,  when compared against the life changing effects the virus has had on so many in this country, it is to be hoped that 2021 will see the beginning of some sort of return to normality.

The next major event on the club calendar is the annual Rum Race which will be held on Sunday, January 3, where it is planned to award the above trophies that, in normal circumstances, are awarded at an annual prize giving dinner.

From a race in September

Image Credits: Rye Sailing Club .


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