Boules in the harbour

Jeff Robus the winner of boules in Rye Harbour

On the afternoon of Saturday, June 23 an open charity knockout boules match took place in Rye Harbour behind the social club. Its aim was to raise funds for the annual Christmas children’s party which the social club organises in December.

Boules, (sometimes known as pétanque) is played by 20 million people in France and is very popular in the UK too. Anyone can quickly learn to play and enjoy this ancient game. It’s believed to originate from an ancient Greek game of tossing coins two millennia ago.

The winner, Jeff Robus, received £50 and then kindly donated it to the fund for the children’s party. The rest of the money raised from the entry tickets to play, a raffle and a barbecue, went towards the cost of the Christmas party, also.

There was a great atmosphere and everyone was enjoying themselves as the sun shone. The bar was open and people sat and chatted to old friends.

Jean Brown, a local resident said: “The runner-up was Carole who played for the Two Sawyers. The afternoon was a great success with lots of friendly rivalry. The barbecue and raffle were enjoyed by all. Rye Harbour social club is hoping to put on more events for the village to get involved in.”

There is a local league called the Cinque Ports Area Pétanque (Boules) League, which is very popular and competitive. Participants play at The Rose and Crown, Beckley; Rye Harbour Social Club; Queen’s Head, Icklesham; and the Two Sawyers, Pett.

Image Credits: Kt Bruce , Kt Bruce , Jean Brown .


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