Crib teams need you

The victors: members of the Pipemakers' crib team, from the left, Ray Semal, Chop Holcombe, Pat Mitchell, Ian Berdett, Kevin Pearce and league organiser Dennis Leeds-George

For those who don’t know, I’ll explain a little of this popular card game. In cribbage a special board with 60 holes and pegs is used for scoring. The object is to go round the board twice to beat your opponent. Scoring in crib can be complicated for a beginner. But if you’re good at arithmetic and making mental calculations, it will help you develop the skills to play the game.

There are many ways to score but the main ones are pairs, flushes, sequences and making 15s. There is some unusual terminology to master, too: “One for his Nob” is the lowest score that a player can make – this is where your hand contains a knave of the same suit as the card that’s turned up on the top of the pack. The largest single score a player can score is 29; this so rare that many players go years without ever scoring one.

Rye & District Crib League is played on Tuesday evenings throughout the winter starting in October.

Crib teams & players at the presentation night at Green Owl camber on June 26th
Crib players at the presentation night in The Green Owl Hotel, Camber on June 26

Last winter 13 teams competed in the league with the Pipemaker Arms, Wish Ward, Rye winning the title with William the Conqueror, Harbour Road, Rye Harbour runners-up and the Inkerman Arms, also Rye Harbour, finishing third.

The league is looking for players and teams of four players for this coming winter the matches are played in local pubs and local social clubs. Matches comprise of six games: four games of singles and two games of pairs. Games are of three legs, peg 121 holes. The league also run a singles and pairs tournament

Contact Dennis Leeds-George on 01797-222396 or email him for details.