Kids parties and coffee with friends


Sport doesn’t have to be a dirty word. It’s not all about putting yourself under the cosh, or trying to emulate your personal sporting hero. It is fun too and is also very diverse. But when was the last time you ventured down to our very own leisure centre, just off The Grove in the centre of Rye ? It couldn’t be handier, plus there’s loads of parking.

Granted, the exterior doesn’t look exciting, but inside it’s a totally different story and once inside whilst pondering on what to do next, why not consider meeting up with friends, just have a coffee and get a feel for the place.

There’s plenty of room if you have push chairs and prams, well lit, warm and inviting. There are also plenty of helpful staff on hand to give advice and help you plan your training or sporting programme. They do all sorts of things you may not be aware of here.

Swimming as a group or on your own, the pool is very inviting, great for kids parties too.

For example, if your little angel has a birthday coming up, what about a party with a difference, why not invite everyone to a pool party. Just imagine it, the kids would have a fantastic time and better still, they would all go home exhausted and elated, job done.

If swimming is something you have always wanted to do, but for some reason never got around to learning, the centre runs regular swimming classes for adults as well as children. And you don’t have to feel left out, many of the adult beginners are just like you, they just want to learn and not feel awkward about having a go.

A well equipped gym complete with treadmills awaits you.

The gym at the centre again caters for all abilities. Well equipped, well staffed and well managed, it’s a safe place to train and improve your fitness. Alternatively there’s squash, badminton, a variety of different classes and groups, and outside is the Muga (multi use games area) with floodlit 3G artificial turf pitch, available all year round.

There is so much more to tell you about our leisure centre but if you get five minutes why not drop in a and have a look around, or check out their detailed and comprehensive website or call them on 01797 224747, there’s so much available, you could be pleasantly surprised.

Image Credits: Freedom Leisure .


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