How easy can it be?

Novice kitesurfers ahoy!

A successful weekend

Rain doesn't stop play

Put your best foot forward

Get fit for free - why not?

Thirds win, but rain returns

Six wicket win in first game

Run fest at Salts

And unlikely victory came close!

Local MP bowled over

Game kicks off in Pett

Junior cricket starts

Young start with bat and ball

New wind in their kites

New look for Camber surfing

Cricket enjoys winning start

The cricket season starts

Mini GP Season Roars Away

Racing returns to Lydd

Cricket season opens on Salts

Friendly start on the pitch

Joining cricket club juniors

Update on what is available

Sports centre re-opens

Subject to any last minute issues

Junior cricket returns

The Colts return in Rye

Preparing for cricket

Club gets ready (hopefully)

Gold in the Beautiful South

"The best experience of the year".

Our national cycle paths

Part of the National Cycle Network?

Footpath problems

Popular walks become impassable

A “people” quiz – but who?

How well do you know people?