Start the year running

Learn to run - it's fun and friendly

Want to be a runner but don’t know how to get started? Or maybe you’ve tried running but given up due to injury, lack of progress or not enough enjoyment. Then it’s time to join the Rye Runners Learn to Run course!

Running is fun

This is an ever-popular beginners running course starting on Saturday, January 18 and based at the Tilling Green Community Centre on Mason Road. The course runs through 10 Saturdays starting at 10:30am each week.

This 10-week course is suitable for complete beginners and rusty returners alike; we’ll help you build your running fitness in a gentle, progressive way and teach you the skills of running well – all in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

You can sign up for the course for just £10* – that’s because we fund our beginners’ courses with the profits derived from our other ventures, as we are passionate about getting more people into running.

You can register for the course on our website – or contact Gareth McCully at or on 07941 683535.

*The £10 fee only applies to people who have not previously attended this course. If you want to repeat the course, the full cost of £40 is payable.

Image Credits: Sam Murphy .


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