Swimming lessons return

Lissia and Edward Carson

After a summer away from the pool and missing their weekly swimming lessons both Lissia and Edward Carson, aged 9 and 6 years old and shown above, were excited to return. Both the children have been swimming since they were six months old with Freedom Leisure in the Rye sports centre, and were looking forward to seeing their swimming teacher Sophie.

Mum Tammy Beaney wanted her children to learn how to do this valuable life skill so they would feel confident in water. Living by the sea means this is so important and swimming is also a great form of exercise.

Before their first visit back both children were excited and nervous, asking: “Will it be the same? Will we still enjoy it?”

Tammy said “I can honestly say we had no need to worry. It didn’t feel any different other than groups are smaller.

“We arrive ready to go and each time we have an allocated changing room so we know where to go and keep our distance from others. We feel safe and supported. We are so glad to be back.”

The team at Rye Sports Centre are happy to provide information and reassurance to all those who have yet to come back to their regular activity and, with the swimming lesson programme now underway, there is no reason not to get back to the centre.

Source: Freedom Leisure

Image Credits: Freedom Leisure .


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