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Introducing . . . my boy Hector!

This week: a fun family park, jetset women of Rye, a new shop that will help you dress like a rhinestone cowgirl, and I spotted a gorgeous men's jacket. Oh, and I've had a baby!

I’ve lost my heart to Halloween

It's pumpkin and party time and this week's guide gives you the lowdown on Halloween from apple-bobbing to zombies

Ahem, something different starts here

Miss Rae would like to introduce herself. She sometimes likes to scratch (miaow!), hopefully not literally. Her taste might not be one you immediately approve...

There’s nowt so queer as folk

I am the magpie of Rye and I'll share my finds with you. Do you need inspiration for something to buy/ do/ eat / drink or gossip about this week? Don't worry your unimaginative little head, Miss Rae is here. This week I'm talking about Grayson Perry, gay dads and a sugary cloud of satisfaction

Record result for Runners

Rye Runners did the town proud. Coach Jeff Pyrah came in fourth and won the title for highest placed Sussex man. Farther back in the field, and a bit later, two of his "marathon virgins" completed their first ever race

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