Fitting tribute to cyclist

A cycle way to Rye Harbour has just been completed and named after a cyclist who died there more than ten years ago. But questions remain about whether it is fit for purpose, or whether the road is "an accident waiting to happen". Read the report and then look at comments on our Opinion page

Library set to open next month

Rye library to reopen - with restrictions

Strumming away at the fete!

Crowds flocked to the Rye, Winchelsea and District Hospital Fete on June 13. Attractions included boxing, ukuleles and rat splatting

FSB sponsors networking

It seems that business networking opportunities, like buses, either don't happen, or several come along together, writes John Minter. Further to the recent meeting...

Time to stand up

Have you thought of doing something for the community? If so, read on

Scallops are plentiful

The Scallop Festival is well supplied with local supplies this year

Rye Mutual Aid, a helping hand

REACT and Rye Mutual Aid are working together for the benefit of all

Rock Channel ‘jewel’ dims

Rock Channel was supposed to be the jewel in Rye's crown, but a new proposal for housing there has been rejected by the Town Council's Planning Committee partly because of Rye's other problems including traffic congestion and lack of parking spaces. Redevelopment is needed, but it can be a jigsaw - and the councillors are not sure the pieces fit together. Charles Harkness reports.

Clicketty click, sixty six

Eyes down. The Mayor's calling. Clicketty click, sixty six - and it's a full house

Centenary party for WI

It's centenary time - so let's invite 100 people to a party and let the ukuleles play. Read on . . .

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