Yacht hijacker scuppered

Coastal hazards defeat thief

Princess Royal at the Conquest

Two new MRI scanners open at the Conquest in the presence of HRH the Princess Royal

Rebellion or Revolution?

Extinction Rebellion, do they have plans well beyond preventing global warming?

Paddleboard to the rescue

Lifeguards rescue dog and owner

Hastings hearties arrrr everywhere

Timbers were shivering at the weekend when thousands of pirates piled into Hastings

Rhythm and news from The Music Well

Music in a garden is great for well-being

Latest in Opinions

Whose history is it?

The tapestry depicts our history from Norman times - or does it?

Where does all the plastic go

Can we overcome plastic pollution? The editor argues that we can, and must

JAM ends with Shellfish

Shellfish performed a thought-provoking piece at JAM

Let’s go to the movies

The Lion King springs into new life with photo-realistic computer-generated animation from Disney

Good day for cricket club

Good performances by all three teams last week

Sailors race for charity

Challenging seas failed to deter the dinghy sailors

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