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Our policy will explain what types of personal data we collect, how we keep it safe and how it helps us to improve Rye News as a not for profit local news and information service. It will also explain how you can request to have your data deleted from our records at any time.
If we make any significant changes to our Privacy Policy we will let you know and the current version will be available on our website. If you have any questions about your personal data or our Privacy Policy please email the Data Protection Officer:

We will only hold data that is necessary and helps make Rye News interesting and relevant to our readers and we never share any of this  personal information with others.

Who we are

Rye News is owned by Rye News (UK) Ltd Community Interest Company. The directors of the Company act as trustees and the business of Rye News is managed and run by a team of volunteers. Occasionally we pay for specialist technical and professional support.

Legal basis we rely on for holding your data

The personal email addresses we hold are those of subscribers who have asked to be sent the weekly Alert by email. This is part of the service we provide as a local news website. Other personal data we hold is obtained in the course of running the website and is necessary for this purpose. It is deleted when no longer required and never or shared with others.

Types of data we hold:


The email addresses of Subscribers to our weekly Alert. The personal data is processed by the automated email platform MailChimp.


We receive emails from individuals and these are kept confidential unless specifically requested to be published.


Some personal information is held about personal advertisers and is kept confidential if not for publication.


Those commenting on stories are asked to provide their email addresses and these are kept confidential. Comments are made through our website which uses the WordPress platform.


Some personal data is collected by the volunteer reporters and unless consent has been obtained to publish this information it is kept confidential.


From time to time Rye News surveys our readers. The responses, together with the respondents’ email address are kept only if necessary. We use a free survey platform called Survey Monkey for this and which holds the data on our behalf.

Your right to know about and delete your personal information:

You may find out about any of your personal data we hold and you may also ask for it to be deleted at any time. Contact Rye News at

Subscribers can easily unsubscribe from the weekly Alert by clicking on the link included in the Alert. Rye News has one volunteer nominated as the “Data Protection Officer” (DPO) who is responsible for the safety and management of personal data. The DPO can be contacted by email


The MailChimp Privacy Policy can be seen HERE
The WordPress privacy Policy can be seen HERE
The Survey Monkey Privacy Policy can be seen HERE

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