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If you’d like to advertise on Rye News, please email  We offer flexible options and aim to support local businesses through this difficult period of Covid-19

Rye News is also happy to write features or interview local businesses who would like to promote their work or special events.

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Rye news is a not-for-profit enterprise supported by a team of volunteers for the purpose of providing news and information about a wide variety of local happenings and events in the area in and around Rye.

Local news plays a vital role in the sharing of news, opinions and and comment upon issues affecting national issues on our community. It provides a forum for expression of opinions and gives local people a voice.  In addition we provide information for the many visitors and tourists who visit Rye.

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The Rye News team is always looking for volunteers to help us produce weekly online news.  We particularly need people with experience in the following areas: journalism, editing, marketing, web development, photography. We'd also like to hear your stories.  Simply select “Submit Story” from the top of the Rye News site and share your news or story with our readers.  Email

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