Unforgettable St Anthony’s

Saturday, 12 September, was an unforgettable day for me because it was on this particular day that our guild, The Guild of St Anthony...

Birds are big attraction

As the newly appointed Rye Town Council member on the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Committee I wanted to learn more about the organisation so...

‘An accident waiting to happen’

The new cycleway in Harbour Road is now complete, and the opening was rightfully celebrated after such a long wait. But how safe is the road for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians? The latest section of cycleway is on an abrupt bend at the end of a long, unlit road which has seen a recent accident caused by high speed - and which leads on to a narrow bridge. Was it safer with traffic lights while the cycleway was being built ? Views vary

Calling our young people

Dear Editor, As newly elected councillors to Rye Town Council it has struck us that the voice of young people is seldom heard in official...

‘Voting for war is a crime’

The voices for war are gathering strength. The Government is preparing the way for the UK to begin waging a new war in Syria. Can we leave it to Parliament to decide? Where is the voice of conscience in all this?

Running for your money

Wendy Vu is raising money for Nhi, who needs a series of operations in order to move on with her life after a vicious acid attack in her home country of Vietnam

Getting enough to live on

Should the poor will be always with us? The Government seems to be doing its best to ensure the maxim holds true, writes Charlie Harkness. Even people 'in work' are struggling to afford basic necessities. And these days, being in work could mean anything from a zero hours contract, through low wages topped up by benefits, to a high flying salary enjoyed by the few

That new building

Please remove the boarding on the Cinque Ports Street new flats and re-cover with brick to match the rest of the street. The contrast...

Airport numbers create problems

Last week's story on Lydd Airport's possible growth got its numbers muddled, but eagle-eyed reader Andy Stuart possibly pinpoints a greater, and maybe more realistic, problem than plane crashes. Planes equal people equal parking problems, even if in some distant future high speed Javelin trains went direct to Lydd. Charles Harkness looks at the numbers again

How to get ‘localism’ here

The Government claims to support devolution of its powers to the local level but is this happening?. The Localism Act introduced more powers for local councils and the Neighbourhood Plan but will this be enough? Former long-serving Town Councillor Granville Bantick reviews the situation and makes a recommendation for radical reform of local government

Bexhill – ‘You do not exist’

Should our Landgate be a political bellwether and survive or fall at the behest of political dogma. One article this weeks seems to thinks so. Here John Minter takes a different view

Still apparently forgotten

Why do we ignore VJ Day? Isn't it time to remember the men who fought the bitterest campaign of the last war?

New building takes breath away

The first time I saw this "building" was walking from the station approach into Cinque Port Street, writes Joan Jones. It took my breath...

Another blow to Landgate’s body

Landgate, oh Landgate, watch us with pity when we creep through your concussed arch, pursued by guilt and regret as we manage to leave an even worse world to our grandchildren than the world we inherited from war and holocaust

This August in ‘Fixtures’

Imagine an allotment where you can’t brew a cup of tea - that’s our lead by Richard Comotto in the August edition of Fixtures....

Better than previous eyesore?

A new building is nearly finished. The landmark crane is finally removed. But is it "simply hideous" as one reader writes in a letter, or will it fit in with other Rye frontages ? Or is it part of "skyline creep" hiding and obscuring Rye's historic rooftops. Kenneth Bird has an opinion.

New building ‘simply hideous’

Have you seen that ghastly new building in Cinque Ports Street? Now they have uncovered it, it looks simply hideous, quite out of keeping....

Rethink for Tilling Green?

Local resident John Wylie thinks a change must be made to plans for Tilling Green redevelopment

What a job: finding a ‘worker’

Rural communities like our own have felt the pinch of austerity Britain. To make ends meet people need jobs. Or, as some see it, jobs for locals, jobs for Brits, not jobs for migrants. John Howlett has a few wry words on the subject after speaking to two local friends who have the other problem: finding someone who wants to work

Planning rules a road to where?

Developers cheered when George Osborne announced that planning rules were to be eased in his July 8 Budget. But John Howlett isn't best pleased by the move and feels prompted to send two open letters: one to the Environment Agency and another to the road safety team at East Sussex County Council