Time to peddle power to the people

As he retires after 16 years of serving on the town council, Granville Bantick reflects on the state of local democracy and the concentration of power away from the community - and calls for greater autonomy and more public involvement

‘Town cottage – give us a break’

A council 'think tank' has new plans for one of Rye's few remaining assets, the Town Hall Cottage: rent it out for holidays. The same councillors appear to be suggesting that the council buys a couple of properties to rent out to young Ryers at an 'affordable' price. Mary Smith isn't so sure and raises a few issues that need thinking about

The Salts ‘deserve better than this’

Everybody loves bonfire night, but we are left with a scene of desolation for months on end. Why do we put up with this when Easter is here and the town is already filled with tourists? There must be a solution

This April in ‘Fixtures’ . . .

Our lead article in this month's Fixtures, delivered to local homes by Adams of Rye, is by farmer Simon Wright. He explains why Romney Marsh farmers are on the hunt for additional income to sustain the core business. There are six pages of articles . . .

Stand – and deliver for Rye

The town needs new independent councilors, writes Mary Smith. If you live in Rye and are eligible to vote, you can stand as a councillor. Sixteen or more are needed to prevent automatic election of those standing and then co-opting their friends to fill the vacant places

Harbour ‘will be more isolated’

Some have no choice about travelling by bus, where the stops are, what shelter is provided, and how good the connections, let alone how often services run and where they go. The county council is introducing major changes. As a user, who lives in Rye but also has a "home" in Rye Harbour, Charles Harkness reflects on the practical impact of these cuts - and how "cut off" people could become

Tradition or trumpery?

Trump·er·y (trŭm′pə-rē) n. pl. trump·er·ies 1. Showy but worthless finery; bric-a-brac. 2. Nonsense; rubbish. 3. Deception; trickery; fraud.

Children need life-changing car

A local charity is raising money to buy a specially fitted for the children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986, They have no other means of accessing the treatment that they so desperately need

Maynard v Hopkins: round 2

Carl Maynard, Conservative leader of Rother council, is doing his best to dilute the effects of a second rebuke from Kris Hopkins, the Tory Minister for Local Government. At the heart of the exchange is a dispute about council transparency. Maynard clearly believes this latest rebuke is badly timed: not only does it come from a fellow member of the Conservative Party but it is also just a few weeks away from local and general elections on May 7

MP hits at Rother’s ‘failings’

The ongoing dispute between Rother council and Kris Hopkins, the Minister for Local Government, flared again on Wednesday, writes Tony Nunn. Hopkins sent a strong letter to Carl Maynard, Conservative leader of the council, which was headed "TRANSPARENCY: FAILINGS BY ROTHER COUNCIL". In January Maynard had replied to an earlier letter from Hopkins in which he defended his council's behaviour on such matters as not disclosing redundancy packages for senior managers. Those reasons are dismissed by Hopkins

On the look-out – for painters

Calling all painters and decorators! Rye needs a touch up - can you help? Lets do what we can to tidy up our town, writes John Lanigan

Let’s give streets a spring clean

Rye residents should take responsibility for cleaning up the area immediately surrounding their homes. This would greatly help the new town steward, who has started well, but who needs the support of local people to maintain the beauty of our town

Club sale will help cancer charities

A former committee member of the Royal British Legion Club, now the Brewery Yard Club, which is up for sale, believes that proceeds from the sale should be used locally

Tilling Green ‘rethink needed’

The old school site in Tilling Green is being redeveloped, and the old building is now used as a community centre, run by the Rye Partnership. But current plans include 30 homes (in addition to the 161 in nearby Valley Park) plus a new centre, around a third smaller - and half of that will be taken over by the Partnership. John Wylie's Opinion is what is left is inadequate and unsustainable as a centre, and proposes that alternatives should be considered, and residents involved.

Fairtrade fortnight needs support

Fairtrade Fortnight is intended to help third world producers to get a fair price for their produce, but most local retailers didn't get the message.

Local problems, local solutions

Common sense has triumphed. The appointment of a local Town Steward to deal with local problems is working, writes Christopher Strangeways. What other local problems could be tackled, and dealt with efficiently in this manner?

Oyez, oyez . . . time to speak up

Rye's Town Meeting is looming - this is your chance to find out what is going on and voice your opinions. It's an election year and town and district councillors will be looking for your vote as well as your MP candidates.

RDC ‘fails again’ to care for tower

Years of neglect of Rye's Landgate tower ended last week with high-pressure blasts of water to dislodge pigeon waste. But was it the right course of action? Andy Stuart challenges the view that Rother councillors have protected this Grade 1 listed building. The clean-up, he claims, is an object lesson in how not to look after an historic monument

A grassy illusion

I can assure Richard Comotto that, whilst the photograph of the Rye Town Steward appears to show that he has parked on a verge...

Town council far from toothless

In response to Cllr Mary Smith's Opinions page article in last week's "Rye News" questioning the town council's spending, the town clerk explains the reasoning behind the council's actions, describes the powers it has retained - and invites applications for this year's election of councillors