Sainsbury’s: more Qs than As

What happens next in the ongoing supermarket saga? Rye's planners and visionaries are rethinking the future. But that's not easy when so many things hang in the air

Car parking manoeuvres

Parking can be a problem in the town especially on Thursday's when it's market day, but Paul Barker has a solution

Bureaucracy gone baaaa-my

Every time a sheep moves a government department knows about it. But does this make food any safer? And if officials can trace sheep, how come they can't locate all criminals and illegal immigrants?

Station ‘needs more parking’

Now that Sainsbury's and Tesco have abandoned plans to develop the Lower Farm site could some of the land be used for extra parking? Commuter Paul Barker thinks so.

‘Why we want those trains’

Stuart Harland explains why he believes a Highspeed service offers Rye a brighter future. Being a tourist-dependent town, he says, better transport links could only improve business, regeneration and economic growth generally

No trade, no town

Rye became famous by being commercially minded, yet the current recession is hitting our High Street hard. What has happened to its entrepreneurial spirit?

Our heritage

Should we take more interest in our heritage? David Thatcher thinks so.

Schools: can we raise a storm ?

When the news broke that Sainsbury's and Tesco were not going ahead with supermarket plans, the town's Planning Committee had no immediate thoughts on what action to take - or did they believe no one would listen? Our schools may need that land to expand, but are we going to do anything about it? asks Charlie Harkness in OPINIONS.

Look right, look left – look out!

An accident involving a primary school pupil crossing the car park at Rye Sports Centre highlights the dangerous path for our school children

Let’s fly the flag for Landgate

It's time councillors, residents, campaigning societies and others joined forces to remind Rother District Council that it has a responsibility to ensure that the Landgate Tower is restored and properly maintained, says Nick Taylor

‘Rother plans will cost Rye its station’

A proposed tax on new homes built in Rye will cost the community dear, argues Chris Coverdale. Rother will use the money to construct a High Speed line to Hastings and Bexhill but with no plans for the trains to stop at Rye. Moreover, he says, this stealth tax will mean the loss of Rye’s rail station and add up to £24,000 to the cost of a new home, hurting first-time buyers and pensioners

Cashing in ‘without real experience’

Following her highly publicised trial and imprisonment, Vicky Pryce is coming to the arts festival to talk about the human and financial costs - and the impact on education and in finding employment - after release from prison. Heidi Foster does not believe it is right for her to be making money from her experience

A story of failure and betrayal

Twin authorities at county and district level have reduced Rye to a sad state of decline says author John Howlett. It is time, he believes, to merge these councils and give back to Rye the hands-on autonomy it once had

Our town, our mess, our problem

If litter disturbs us, why don’t we do something about it? Rather than write letters to the local papers or lambast the council, why don’t we tidy up ourselves?

Caring for Rye

The first in a series of articles on "Who cares for Rye?" has been withdrawn from the website at the author's request for personal...

One rule for some . . .

Most motorists and cyclists in Rye obey the laws. Others flaunt breaking them, then become upset if challenged . . . as if being wrong is right

Europe’s open, we’re shut

The Heritage Open Day weekend allows free access to buildings that are usually closed to the public or for which there is an admission fee. But buildings in Rye are missing from this Europe-wide list which ranges from government buildings in Whitehall normally kept firmly under lock and to residential houses of architectural interest. Seana Lanigan reports.

Who cares? About our streets

Chocolate box Rye. Cobbles, ancient houses, narrow streets. But, argues one of our readers, some parts are the worse for wear. Here, in the first of three articles, he highlights a problem that courses through the town's heart: the lanes and roads themselves

Reach for the off switch

Have you noticed any lights on during the day? Almost certainly the owners will not be aware and will be grateful to be told,...

‘Don’t make these bus cuts’

Rye's local MP explains her position on proposed funding cuts to local bus services. She staunchly supports the retention of the town's 326 and Dial-a-Ride services