Lessons to be learnt

There are lessons to learn from the disaster that has struck The George.

Is government doing enough?

Tell the truth, says Extinction Rebellion

XR climate change challenge

A new campaigning movement has repercussions for the future of democracy in Britain

Whose history is it?

The tapestry depicts our history from Norman times - or does it?

Where does all the plastic go

Can we overcome plastic pollution? The editor argues that we can, and must

Whose opinion is it?

Have an opinion? Let us know

Cat owners beware

Animal owners should beware of air rifle attacks on pets

Time to vote on June 27

Next Thursday, June 27 will be your opportunity to vote on Rye's Neighbourhood Plan

Rewilding the Salts or not

Another look at the Salts rewilding proposal raises more questions

A Silent Spring

The continuing decline in numbers of swallows, house martins and swifts could mean we are facing a silent spring.

Concern over Rock Channel East

Not everyone agrees with all that they have seen in the Neighbourhood Plan

An accident waiting to happen

Deadmans Lane - convenient access or potential death trap?

The Town Salts – a done deal?

A wild-flower meadow sounds a lovely idea, but this is not the right place

Is it boring to plan?

Plan for planning, the devil is in the detail

Road maintenance urgently needed

Local roads are in poor condition

Barclays Bank closes

Barclays Bank in the High Street closes its doors for the last time

Deadmans Lane – a lost opportunity?

A chance to improve access to the centre of the town has been missed

Not voting with their feet

To vote, or not to bother? That is the question

RML 526

One Wren recalls her wartime service with RMLs

Roll out more cutters

Are lifeboats doing the job of promised Border Force patrol boats?