After the banks have closed

Machines can never replace a human face

A ring to regenerate Rye

Could a completely new road scheme help reduce congestion in the town?

Money rules in parking plans

Make your voice heard on CPE

What is ESCC’s ‘core offer’?

The government's austerity programme is far from over, with ESCC's services likely to be cut further in 2019

Your local paper needs you

Local newspapers, including our own, depend upon the support of their readers and contributors

Can you believe it?

The new notes are supposed to last - but do they?

Rye recycling bin removed

Rother District Council removes the electrical recycling facility from Rye

Speak up on parking now

With new parking controls coming, has an opportunity been lost?

Now we are five

Rye News is five years old and looking to the future

Crime and Punishment

Crimes are being detected, but are they being solved

Brexit, the poisoned chalice

Brexit, how will it effect Rye?

The pavement is for cars

The perils of going shopping

A town at future risk

Rising sea levels could mean a lot of changes

Camber parking woes continue

Yet another visitor is falling victim to unfair parking charges

Time flies, cold arrives

With perfect timing, the cold arrives as the clocks go back

Rye taxi driver ‘disgraceful’

Bad service is not good for the reputation of the town, as this letter demonstrates

Praise for the excellent NHS

Recent experience has given our correspondent a very positive view of the NHS

New build parking inadequate

Planning permissions are being granted for new house-building without adequate car parking facilities

Walking and cycling around Rye

A call for local authorities to work together and replicate the proposed pedestrian friendly Rock Channel development

Slippery path?

Is Rye going down a dangerous path? A reader gives his view of recent building in the town