Get set for ‘Royal’ visit

The Crown - Olivia Coleman plays the Queen in the new series

Once again Rye is proving to be a favourite location for film makers, and the TV series, ‘The Crown’ is coming to town later this month.

The producers have now advised that an advance crew will be arriving on Thursday, January 17 and from then until Monday, January 21 will be turning the clock back and recreating part of the High Street as the way it might have appeared in the 1970s. This will include the library where both exterior and interior shots will take place and access, therefore, may well be limited, or not available, at times

The actual filming will take place on the Tuesday, 22 January, followed by two more days sending Rye ‘Back to the Future’ and restoring the road to its 21st century appearance.

There will inevitably be significant disruption to shops, pedestrians and traffic over this period but as Ryers in general have always enjoyed watching film makers ply their craft, and although no Matt Damon or George Clooney on this occasion, there will doubtless still be plenty of entertainment to be had watching the filming on Tuesday to make up for the disturbance on other days.

Get ready to welcome the ‘Royals’!

Image Credits: Netflix publicity.


  1. Nothing in the town will ever be as exciting as when scenes for Dunkirk were filmed in the town and environs in the nineteen fifties! Camber’s sandy beaches were transformed into the Dunkirk beaches (pre-parking meter era) and it was all so thrilling we didn’t want the school summer holidays to end.

    There are probably still many autograph books hidden away that contain the signatures of the stars of the day. I hope that a new generation will taste some of the same excitement during the filming of The Crown, although this time it will be for a few days only.


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