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Published on July 5 2018. Living
It’s a dog’s life
Newly named Maximus is settling in

It’s a dog’s life

After a 2,000 mile journey a young pup is now settling in to life in the UK .

The journey from a dog shelter in Santorini took approximately one month which included a stopover in Athens for the required canine jabs and health checks. The final leg of the journey was in a converted horsebox and the dog has acquired his own pet passport. The Wright family who brought the pup into the UK decided to rechristen him Maximus after a favourite Russell Crowe character from the film Gladiator.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Santorini Animal Welfare Association where Maximus came from can do so at:

Photo: Andy Davidson

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  1. Pat says:

    Happy landings Maximus – and the beginnings of a good new life.

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